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TV Channels - Black Bars Trouble!


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Hello guys,


so today I wanna a little talk about the TV stations which you can watch on your TV.So since a while they make some trouble and nobody of them seems to interest what the normal people do think if they send their movies.So now you ask what the problem is right?So you did already recognized that the TV channels do change the broadcasting properties?Mostly for movies which they send.So what I am talking about is "Black Bars"!So you know black bars right?So its normal to see black bars above and below on your TV device "IF"......


1.) You have a 4:3 TV decice and you watch a 16:9 movie or program = normal

2.) You have a 4:3 TV decice and you watch a 21:9 movie = double bars = normal

3.) You have a 4:3 TV decice and you watch a 4:3 movie = No bars = normal


4.) You have a 16:9 TV decice and you watch a 4:3 movie = No bars (just left & right) = normal

5.) You have a 16:9 TV decice and you watch a 16:9 movie = No bars = normal

6.) You have a 16:9 TV decice and you watch a 21:9 movie = black bars = normal


...so this is the way and normal "IF" situation if you have a TV device xy and watch a movie in one of these formats.All alright so far and this I do also understand of course so I still only have a 4:3 TV device where I watch TV.


So the problem what I have with the TV channels are the selfmade created simulated faked "Black Bars" which the TV channels using and adding if they send a movie or program (not always of couse but very very offten already) and I do ask me what the hell are they doing?!Where is the sense to use faked black bars?Where is the sense to show less than more of the movie format?Where is the sense to hide some visible screen parts?!You know what I mean?So there is no reason to do this so it would be same as would you remove one door of your car etc = senseless!So what could be the reason of the TV channels to do this so I don't really know it.So maybe there are some idiots who find it cool or hot or whatever to add this stupid black bars over the visible screen etc.No idea.So for me its just ridiculous and the behavior of these TV channels (getting more and more!) is also just a pain in the bottom.


Ok enough of takling so far so I also did prepare some evidences to show you in picture what I mean.I did stream some TV channels over VLC player and make the pictures today which you can see as next.

4:3 format - This you see if you have a 16:9 TV device.No black bars above and below.Black bars left and right are normal so 16:9 has more width of course.



16:9 format - This you see on your 16:9 TV device = no bars and full screen is filled.If you use a 4:3 TV device then you will see of course back bars above and below so the screen will then compressed into the 4:3 screen of your TV device.All normal so far.


21:9 - This you will see if you use a 21:9 TV device = full screen get filled and you see no black bars.If you use a 16:9 TV device then you see black bars (21 to 16 compressed).Also you will see more black bars if you watch 21:9 on a 4:3 TV devive = double bars.Also normal so far.

So on the three pics above you can see the normal broadcasting as is always should be = no faked bars to see and all will send as original.


Now see the three pics below with faked bars!So this is the NOT NORMAL PART!

16:9 + faked bars!So you see the movie is in 16:9 format but you see black bars above and below which was put on the screen by the TV station who did send this movie today.That means that you see the bars on your 16:9 TV device and the movie is also in 16:9 and on your 4:3 TV device you will see more bars.So this movie below was earlier normaly sended without black bars so that I have seen just the normal black bars on my 4:3 TV device but now today I see double bars on that movie.


16:9 + faked bars!Here the same again just a other TV channel.So below its just a german TV movie running and you see black bars.Its no 21:9 cinemascope movie as you could think if you watch this movie on a 4:3 or 16:9 TV devive no no no no no its again a stupid faked black bar trash selfmade by the TV channel idiots!


4:3 + faked bars + Logos on the black bars!And here is my favorite!DOUBLE BlACK BARS (only above and below) on a 4:3 movie from 1977 or something plus the TV channel LOGO ON THE BLACK Bar placed on it!!!!So this says already everthing. :) So they just put black bars on it and the TV viewers see less from the movie.So WTF is going on in that TV channel stations?Is there nobody with some brain working anymore?


So with the VLC player you can see all as original which can not see if you have just one TV device or just if you had a 21:9 Cinemascope format TV device but who of us has already a 21:9 TV device right.So almost the most people will using a 16:9 TV device.


That the problem I do have with these new TV channel policy if we can call it so.So I don't know the reason why they do this since a longer while but its really brainless to do this.


Maybe you have the same problems with TV stations in your country so in germany its now already a big matter and of course its just my opinion so far.So what do you think about it?Maybe anybody of you knows anybody who is working for any TV channel so that you could ask why they do this etc so that I also could get a answer of this question.


That all for the moment what I have to say about this problem so I don't wanna talk about the sounds problem too today (maybe later).



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Hi its me again with some more exsamples.


The Town send in TV today.So on a 16:9 TV you see black bars again and that means that this movie was not send in 21:9 of a blue ray so it seems it was send as anamorphe 16:9 format and if you would have a 21:9 TV then you would also see the same (black bars + etxtra black bars left and right too same as 4:3 representation on 16:9 [without any TV stretching options]).So then I ask me why the TV station does not directly send this movie from a blue ray!


The Town from a blue ray (21:9 format).You see its same movie position and above and below on both pics you see the same content.Just here is the full 21:9 screen filled.
33z4r9t.pngARD station same foul.Its any TV movie production running.








So I really hate this formats trash and faked bars too so check this out...


Other TV station with faked bars.



Next pic...



All in all this sucks and there is no real normal solution to prevent such black bars for the Otto normal user whether they are faked or whether the original movie format was re-changed etc.So at the end you will mostly not come in the enjoyment to watch all movie or TV productions complete if your TV device will not filled also complete as the original.TV station don't send in cinemascope format (21:9) = useless if you have a 21:9 TV device at home.If TV stations send in anamorphe 16:9 format and you have a 16:9 TV device at home = useless too to prevent black bars.If TV station does decide to create own overlayer black bars then its just fraud and they prevent that you can see the entire original content (of the movie etc) on your TV device.The only thing where its working is if you use a 16:9 TV device and if the TV station also send it so if the original was also recorded in 16:9 then all is fine.No black bars and your 16:9 TV device get filled to 100 %.



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Hi guys its me again with a new found to prove that the TV channel guys are idiots! :)


So today in the evening I found this running movie called Anatomie (from the year 1999 / 2000) on a German TV channel and what I have to say is that also this OLD movie was broadcast today in a pseudo cinemascope format (21:9) so that means again that I have to see double back bars on my 4:3 TV device.Now I was quick and did verify the broadcast on my computer using VLC player to stream the TV channel + checking the original movie BlueRay record to compare both at the same movie positions (as always if I check this). :) So here are now the results below....

This picture I made from original BlueRay-Stream


Now below you see the same position of the movie from TV channel


Here again from BlueRay at other position


Here same again from TV channel broadcast



So you see the differences right?On the BlueRay snaps I made you can see more informations at the left and right side but these informations you can't see on the TV channel pics "although".....you can see also black bars at the top and bottom!!!!So what is wrong here you ask?


Problem are:


The movie which the TV channel used and broadcast was not a 21:9 format copy so it was just a simple 16:9 version of this movie but now you ask why you can also see black bars on the 16:9 pics above.......right?So they just put this 16:9 format movie into a artificial letterbox to create nonsense black bars so that you see these also on your 16:9 TV device and on a 4:3 device you see double black bars = imbecility high 10 what they do!Total rubbish.


If they would put the 21:9 in the same letterbox "THEN" you would also see all image informations on the left and right site but they are missing here and yet there is a letterbox used!?!Absolutely sick this behavior of the TV channels!So and this they do now with almost everything also with old movies like this above and at the weekend came also the movie Braveheart from 1995 and with this they did the same too.Old movies they was earlier broadcast normaly in real 16:9 only but now they do such a mischief where I could just puke!So they make it really senseless to buy a 16:9 TV device to prevent seeing black bars in movies if they do adding now this artificial letterbox trash!Thank you very much you TV fuzzy's!


By the way: Remember that the TV channels only broadcast in 4:3 and 16:9 format!So it makes no sense if you would buy a 21:9 TV device to expect to watch broadcast TV movies also in this format....no no no no no error.Keep this in your mind ok.



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I believe most movies now are made in 21:9 for cinema use and it is this format they are broadcasting so you will see top & bottom black lines if you don't have a CinemaWide televisionIt is changed for bluray & DVD to suit most televisions 16:9For more info on ratios, look HERE

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Sure most movies was shot in 21:9 and this format you get to see in the cinema itself and on BlueRay discs which you also can enjoy in this format if you have a 21:9 TV device at home.Normaly this movies will cuttet on the left and right side to get and fill a 16:9 format TV device = missing image informations but the movies does fill the entire 16:9 screen so that also ok "IF" this happened.In other cases if you buy a DVD which used a letterbox (see back side of DVD) then does it mean that also the entire 21:9 format movies was not cutted and only moved into this letterbox = You get to see the entire image informations + black bars of course = also ok.But in the case I did post today was nothing of this the case so if you check the picture I did post then you see the missing image informations PLUS a letterbox which was made artificially and there is no reason to do this.If this letterbox would be a real one then you would also see the whole image informations which are missing you know.


And as I said already the TV channels don't broadcast anything in a real 21:9 format only in max 16:9 = you get the same results on a 21:9 TV as would you see a 4:3 broadcasting on a 16:9 = left & right side are nothing = no image informations of course and the 21:9 TV device you have will never filled complete by a TV broadcast (never seen a 21:9 broadcast by any channel I did checked till today).


Problem is they don't broadcast in 21:9.If they would then I wouln't see black bars in the streams.


Thanks for your post NOP so you are the first now. :)



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Hi again, :)


now look at this movie called "Lethal Game" (1976).

Here from Blueray stream same position I made a snap.


Here from TV channel stream I made a snap.

Funny again right?Whats this for a letterbox today?Left and right side have free tonight or what?Also its funny that you can see on TV picture at the bottom a few more lines (the points after L.A.) which you can't see on Blueray!?!Also again missing informations at the left side on TV picture and a few missing infos on the right side.What for freaks. :)



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Again me. :)


Another prove for you.So at the moment is running Seinfeld in TV so maybe you do remember this older comedy series (I was a fan) of 1989-1998.So now is running the episode 6 "Im Parkhaus (The Parking Garage)" of season 3 in TV and now look at this.....


On this snap you can see the original shot.....4:3 Format


Now on this snap you see whats running in TV now....in 16:9 Format


And do you see what happened here?Exactly!So they did cut the screen from 4:3 into a artificial 16:9 format.Problem in this case are the lot missing image informations.


Question now is: So the TV station has no problems to cut older movies / series from original format 4:3 into a pseudo 16:9 format so that your 16:9 TV device get filled at home completely also when in this way get lost many image informations like you can see above.


Questions next is: The TV stations Do not cut moddern movies from 21:9 into 16:9 format to let fill your 16:9 TV device at home and I do ask me now why this?Why this differences you know!Nobody seems to know it right?


Solution for you TV channel format cheater freaks: Cut that stuff into 16:9 if its a 21:9 format movie so with this I have no problems so this few lines at the left and right side I can do live without it of course if I then no more need to see the black bars instead.Also don't cut 4:3 into 16:9 so thats not cool or something and also not necessary so the missing image information are in that case already to much and is no comparison to a 21:9 into 16:9 cut.So that my solution for you and this tips are also for free for you...no problem so just do it.Maybe anybody of you TV channel fuzzys will read my post someday. :)



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Hi SReg, :)


so on your exsample you stretched the original 4:3 to 16:9 without to keep the original aspect ratio (its normal if you stretch) so this does nobody so far of the TV channel guys.So what you did you can do for exsample on your 16:9 TV device if you have there any function to stretch the screen but also this function is nonsense so then just keep watching the original 4:3 with black bars on the left and right side = normal on 16:9 TV device.


So I also still use a 4:3 TV device and there I have also a button on the remote to change the screen to 16:9 and 14:9 to squeeze the entire screen what also total rubbish. :)


Thanks for your comment SReg



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Hi again,


ok I found a new problem now. :) So now some TV channel do put some 4:3 format material into a 16:9 letterbox!See the picture below I made now.


If you now watch this on a 4:3 TV device then you will also see above and below black bars.The questions is why they do this now with 4:3 records too so there is no reason to do this and there is just construct a disadvantage for 4:3 TV device users!Maybe the reason for this new broadcasting choice is that some TV channels don't wanna broadcast in 4:3 & 16:9 anymore only in 16:9 standart.


Next funny thing I have seen yestersay was a old Balduin movie (Louis de Funès) from end of the 60's and they did broadcast this in pseudo 21:9 format! :) Totally sick.So they just putted black bars on the screen in this case = you have seen very offten cutted heads. :) Anyway so they do what they want.





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@LCF-AT here is how viva works.


actually the black bars are real and the transparent logo is from a frame position under the logo. So if you have something in fullscreen without bars this will look very confusing, because colors are obviously similar, what is what they wanted to reach :smartass:

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Hi tim619,


yes you are right with the Viva logo so this I already noticed it too.So in this single case I was wrong. :) But the rest is still so as I said. :) I keep watching the TV channel cheater freaks to reveal the dubious behavior. :)


Thanks for your comment.



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Hi guys,

so today I am watching TV again and there came a older funny movie called "Scary Movie" (first part) so you know this movie right.The movie started and I do watch it on my 16:9 TV screen and what do I see?Right!Black bars above and bellow...ON MY 16:9 TV SCREEN!!!! :) So of course its no special situation that I do see black bars if there come any movies on TV but this time I wanted to check the movie again and did some searching on the net to find any trailers.

So first I thought again "why to hell do they put black bars on that movie"...and I remember I have seen that movie on TV the first time they did send this movie on TV (4:3) Format with black bars (but there I had a 4:3 TV device).Now I have 16:9 and see again black bars on that movie!?! :) Now after a little searching on net I found a trailer which is in 4:3 format and I found some clips of that movie from a DVD.Now I checked on both clips the same movie frame and made some snaps.I show you...

Scary Movie 1 - Official Trailer (4:3 Format)
Position: 00:24
Scary Movie (1/12) Movie CLIP - Femme Fatality (2000) HD (16:9 Format)
Position: 01:24

Here below the 4:3 frame from trailer....


Now below the snap of the DVD / TV version...so you see already missing informations above & below what the black bars do hide..


Now I did modded the 4:3 frame and did crop it to 16:9 via VirtualDub (resize filter)...


....so also if I crop the 4:3 frame to 16:9 you can still see more picture informations above & below.So this we should see on a 16:9 screen now without any black bars.Now I did crop my cropped 16:9 to 21:9 and its looking so now below...


....now I did same with the DVD frame and cropped this to 21:9....


....you see black bars are almost gone and now I did add a 16:9 letterbox to this 21:9 copped frame...


....looks now same as the original DVD frame above with the internet URL on black bar below.

Now lets think a little.So what we can see is that there missing picture informations on that frame from DVD and also so I have seen that movie today on TV with black bars on my 16:9 screen!So I think the original movie was made in 16:9 format and the 4:3 frame from above of the trailer was cutted on left and right side to make a trailer or commercial spot for TV in year 2000.So in this year 16:9 format was not very popular in public and still very rarly and TV didn't also send in 16:9.Maybe the VHS of this movie is also in 4:3 so not sure now.Some years later the 16:9 format getting more more popular and TV starts to send in 16:9 and you can also buy TV devices on stores etc.Also DVD players comming out and people do buy them and the film industry procducing many DVDs from all movies.

So the question is what happend here like in this movie example?Normaly if this movie was really made in 21:9 Cinemascope format or 16:9 format "THEN" you wouldn't see any missing picture informations like you can see above.So why there are missing is the question.So it make NO sense.The only thing what came in my mind is that they just used the original tape of that movie (16:9) and they just putting a letterbox on it (hey ho looks like BlueRay) I mean they cut the pic infos and ADDED a letterbox (like I did above on one fame) but also this makes no sense.So why should it be a advantage to sell movies with cutted or hidden frame information behind black bars?What is the sense I wanna know!There is no Fu*_*ng sense to do this.Is it just some kind of cool factor to see some black bars in the screen later or is it hip or whatever?Its just damn stupid to do this.I really think that some people in the film industry who are responsible for this who have a crack in the brain.The only sense why they do this is that they also can build a fake 21:9 format to SELL them on BlueRays discs.Later they add a 16:9 letterbox and sell it as DVD discs and nobody does recognizes anything if anyone does compare same movie of BL & DVD.To make Money is the only reason.Ohhhh poor Film industry. :) 

Does nobody know any of this idiots?I really hate that stupid behavior of these guys and I wish I could dish out some bottom kicks for that! :) Of course just my little angry opinion.Anyway,maybe I'm wrong but I don't think so...till someone can convince me with any other good explainable reason.


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