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Hi anyone.

Recently i updated my Screen2exe to the version 3.6

On latest version my CPU is knocked off by this release. Even not recording my C.P.U. is at 100% utilisation. Spoking with the author i find that in version 3.6 it implemented a mouse tracking system and on modern C.P.U. with multiple cores that will not be a issue.

I cannot tell you that i record even a 10 sec. video to save the video my screen freezes for 3-4 minutes before saving....

I want to reinstall version 3.4 or 3.5 so i can record futher videos and i cannot find them to download.

So if you guys have a older version of Screen2Exe please post so i can download.

Thank you!

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Cannot download due to toolbar adds etc.

Can you download for me and test if is 3.3?

Then if is right put-it on zippyshare or other host.

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