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Two search questions - Can you help?


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Hi again,


so I have two questions.


So you know the search function of FireFox (strg+F) which you can use to search for any keyword you want on the loaded page in your tab where you are.Now I am looking for any Add-On maybe which has more functions to search for exsample different and more words at the same time on any tab.So normaly in Firefox you can only enter one word and not more so if you want to search one tab for 10 words etc then you have to enter each word manually to search this word so this is bad you know.


Now I am looking for any add-on where I also see a bar and where I can enter for exsample 10 words which also could be saved (no new entering each time for each new tab etc) and if I now wanna use the searching of all words on one tab then it should highlight all founds etc.

test 1
test 2
test 3
search button | Next

Now if I press search then the add-on should check all entered words on the tab where I am and should show the results like this....

test 1 Found 4 times | GoTo Button
test 2 Not found
test 3 Not found
search button | Next

....you know something like this maybe etc no idea.So I think you know what I mean right?Now I tried to find any add-on which could do this but I don't know for what I have to search now so I only get some results about any serach engines etc.


So do you know maybe any Add-On which can do this maybe?If yes then just tell me.


Another serach question: Also I am looking for any search engine this time which I can use to search different keywords on one homepage only.So normaly I could use google itself....


site:Url keyword

site:tuts4you.com vmprotect


....so are there also some alternativ search engines which I could use?So I see this function seems not to work for every homepage.Maybe you have some ideas for this too.


Ok thats all so far.


Thank you

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Hi Dreamer


thanks for this Add-On hint so I did install it but I also see no option to enter more than one keywords to serach or do you?How to do it if I wanna find more than one word.So can I enter more words on a special way with any syntax etc?


exsample: I wanna find these 3 words on one tab where I am....




.....so the ";" is now the syntax for exsample (I dont know whether there is any syntax or not just a exsample now) etc.So you know what I mean right?So I did test already the add-on a little bit but I don't see any way to serach more words as I want at the same time.


So if there is any way then tell me ok so I don't find it at the moment in this add-on.Thanks



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nice link Dreamer :-) I did not know that these addons even existed. Thanks for that










These sites all accept the "site:" prefix if you want to search a specific site only.

The only problem is that their indexes are not as good as the google index. (E.g. outdated, incomplete or just unhelpful results)

Also google does not index sites that are forbidden to be indexed (see: robots.txt file in root directory - http://www.robotstxt.org/robotstxt.html)

There may also be "bad searchbots" who do not care if there's a robots.txt file or not. But I don't know any search engine that would do that.


Also you can go through this list: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/alternative-search-engines/ 

Maybe there is a search engine that fits your expectations. If so, please tell us about them :)



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Hi again,


ohhahhhh. :) Very good Dreamer so this new add-on is much better and something like this what I am looking for. :) Thank you for this one.


Hi Antha,


also thanks for this infos about the search engines + hints.So now I tried search.yahoo.com and with this engine it works now. :) All others do block the results or does show any trash.So I think its also a country issue. :( Damit!Its already bad that we in Gemany can not watch any youtube videos (GEMA) and have to use a detour to watch them etc and now this search trouble!Don't wanna imagine what comes the next restrictions about "whatever" etc so this is really ridiculous.So they want to know all about us without to ask us but they don't want to give something back if you want to know something.


Ok listen so as I said search.yahoo.com does work now.The question now is how can I add exactly this search engine into my Firefox search engine list?So there I have some different as google and also yahoo etc but the problem is that this yahoo I have is using the german engine and with this I get no results instead of using yours.So how can I add this now?Where to find it etc?So I want exactly this one which also works and not this german version.If you know this too then send me a quick link if I can choose it on mozilla page somewhere etc you know what I mean.


Thanks again so far.


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i hope this you looking for not understand german search engine download english version firefox


here are some answers how to from english change to german and fromgerman to english its confusing my language is not english


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Hhmmmm no.I don't wanna install a english FF version so I only want to get the english yahoo serach engine in my FF listet.Also the problem now is that I removed it from my list and don't know what to get it back.Such a stupid thing again.If I go to youtube for exsample then I get a info that I could add this too into my serach engine list but not if I go to yahoo now.


Edit: Ok problem solved now. :) So I found this page where you can choose tons of serach engines.




Here at position 16 :)





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