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Reliable image host to use in forum posts?


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Until recently, my favorite image host was Imageshack. But they recently "upgraded" to horrible Web 2.0 interface, requiring registration and giving only 30-day trial period. So, I am forced to find a new host.. :(

What I need: host where I can upload some screenshots, and get back direct image links I can use in the forum posts.

What I expect: 100% free, no downtime, keeps images forever, no registration required, simple upload form.

What I don't need: User profiles, desktop app, comments, Delete option, Galleries, keywords and other Web 2.0 bullsh!t.

So far I looked at:

* Tinypic deletes images after 90 days. No go.

* Puush images expire in 1 month. Even worse.

* Imgur is into that Web 2.0 crap.

* Imagebam looks OK so far.

Any suggestions?

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i am using this one  its good forgot to say registration is not needed


1) What is Postimage.org?
Postimage.org provides free image hosting service for forums.
2) How do I install the Simple Image Upload mod? If you want to add image hosting service to your forum please install the Simple Image Upload mod.
3) How long will images be left on the server? You can upload unlimited images per post will never have to worry about your images being removed for inactivity.
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Kao don belive everything you read on web i am sing this one for some time the sex ads only exist if you upload sex images when you want to upload image you must check  sex image  or Image is for all ages

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