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hello to all i am just asking to i am new hare i really like this site i was already joined this site but i forget my old user and pass also i forget my id what i was register well now i see this site name in my old hard disk and now i am again joined here and get some knowlege from here hope every one guide me and take care me well now i have stick with wannt cracking feel good if any one give me first step its greatful and thank for all everone



remember in your good thinking and i request to site admin please guide me where and what i have to start my frist step guide me how to crack tool and how to unpack waiting from your reply thank you


Best regard


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dreamer is absolutely right, lena 151 tutorial is really good for beginners,

i myself following that tut now . R4ndoms tutorial is another good tutorial which is written only for beginners . There are almost 30 tutorial go to legends of R4ndom.com and get them all or get it from tut4you.com but tut4you dont have full package.

happy reversing......

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