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Chrome 32 breaks Gestures (and how to solve it)


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I've been a fan of Chrome for quite some time now. It's fast, it's stable and it has sooo many great addons.. Unfortunately, it also has auto update feature. Combine auto-update with hammerheaded "we know best what's good for you" and "there's no downgrade possible, ever" attitude, and the disaster will strike sooner or later.


This morning I started up my PC just to find out that Google Chrome has updated and Pig Toolbox's Super Gestures are not working anymore. Apparently, I'm not the only one who's pissed off: 





Seriously, Google, F*CK YOU!



After Googling for some time, I found the solution:

a. disable Google Auto Update, as described here: https://support.google.com/a/answer/187207

b. install Chrome 31 from this offline installer in some virtual environment: http://www.4shared.com/file/9652i4ccba/ChromeStandaloneSetup_for_allu.htm (verify that digital signature is still valid!).

c. Copy folder %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Chrome\Application from VM to your PC, replacing files. 

d. Now you're back to good old Chrome 31, where everything works as it should.


Hope this helps someone else too,


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Damn Kao, let us know how you really feel about google Lol

I also enjoy chrome for all the reasons mentioned minus the rants

However, I noticed a few ridiculousness involved:

A) download a large file then clear ALL history and CRASH went chrome (has to be something to do with trying to delete content in use)

B) came across an adware program that installed several things to chrome and started serving crap everywhere I went ... ads away!

So... just like all the other browsers, it's capable of being (I use the term loosely again)


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@JMC31337: Your last 2 posts are totally offtopic. If you want to look into Chrome memory, no problem - please do that in your own topic. In the mean time, please clean up this one.


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why not use IRON by SRWare?



they are corrently on v31 anyway and im sure in 2 weeks next upgrade will come.

and btw they also create a portable with every upgrade.


its monthly updated and its based on Chromium and all google shit is removed there like update, sending information to google or any other tricks google is using to ID.

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@Artic: and how Iron can help me?

* I'm a user, I prefer convenience (working gestures) over obscure bugfixes.

* Anonimity is not an issue for me. I use Ghostery+Adblock, those lists kill prety much any tracker there is.

* Portable version is not a requirement.

* Even if Iron is based on Chromium and can install the same plugins, as soon as they move to v32 codebase, gestures will stop working.

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Sure Kao, this is yur thread so I'll move the last two posts :)

Btw:Adware Companies buying popular Chrome extensions to inject Ads and Malware Browser extensions are extra features and functionality that you can easily add to Google Chrome, Firefox and other popular Browsers, but they can be used to serve malicious adware, which automatically renders advertisements in order to generate revenue for its author. Hackers are now taking their business rather more seriously than we thought. Even a single instance of malicious adware on your ..

So go ahead and install all your cutsie pretty plugins.. their is always a way around whatever you try to prevent

PS: if ya need a gesture I got one for ya


G'luck , just having fun

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