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How to download swf files simple?


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Hi guys,


short question: So does somebody know any good Firefox AddOn which can call & show the "Page Info" [right mouse then press "e"]?So I am looking for some kind of quick access of this via button if possible.Lets say any page has some media links of swf games for exsample which I play on this page and now I wanna download the games without to do some long mouse/choose etc handlings.


Just go on this page pick any game till its loaded so that you can play it now.



Now to get this game I have to do the steps "Page Info" then Media and there I can scroll below till I see the game name .swf.




Now I search a better and faster handling way without to do the steps above each time you know.


Maybe you know some AddOn or GraseMonkey Script which can check the whole page for ".swf" links and does show them to me so that I only press the line what was found and the download start.You know something like this easy & simple without big extras etc.


If you know anything what could handle this so as I imagine then just reply. :)


Thank you

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Hi Dreamer,


coolio. :)

Thank you for this quick answer and now I have checked your hint and it works as I wanted. :) Installed the swfcatcher.xpi only.Wow so this was really a very quick and answer topic this time. :)



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Just watched Formula 51 (The 51st State the other day) rapid fast streaming of the video and i never could find the swf that was passed off as a php parameter.. 


have to try this trick and see..

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