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unpack unusual .pak file


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hi there, i am hoping someone in this forum will be able to help me with a problem i have, i did think of posting in the unpack me section but wanted to ask here first as its not a challenge i have created.


i am looking to mod the game full spectrum warrior, released for free some time ago. via hxd hexedit the images etc i have found appear to be on the surface in .pak files however, this is where things start to get a bit confusing as checking the first string tells me they are dbf files (dbaselll to be exact) which doesn't make any sense unless it was a custom packer used.


i have been searching the internet for a tool to unpack these files or even view them but have drawn a blank and was hoping someone here could unpack them or even find out what they are or recommend a tool for the job ?


i dont think there is a copyright issue here as pandemic studios is no more and the game is now free for all (could be wrong bout that though) 





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some game developers just pack archive by zip, or 7z, but change extension so your program may can not unpack them. For ex. in Wolrld of Tanks to unpack pak files you have just use 7z unpacker. If not you will have to code your own unpack program - based on zip lib, which will unpack it, just what you have to find its type of header of this file, check it out :)


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