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Packers are always fairly easy to unpack and for (nearly) every packer there already exists an unpacker. They mostly differ in compress ratio and what they support. Examples: UPX, FSG, PECompact....


A combination of Packer+Protector however is much more powerful if you also want to protect the packed target against unpacking. Example: VmProtect, Armadillo, Asprotect, etc...


So depending on what exactly you want to achieve there are different recommendations one could give. Please be more precise if you need more help

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You need to specify what you're trying to achieve, small exe size- PECompact, ASPack,UPX, and others are recommended. If you want a protector then VMprotect, Themida and ASPotect are pretty good (although how they are implemented can drastically change their "strength"). I wouldn't bother with Armadillo as it hasn't changed in 6+ versions, adds too much excess protector code and is easily defeated. Hope that helps

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