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Win - Write protect error - How to fix?


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Hi again,


so I have a short little question to you and maybe you know a good answer for me as always. :)


Problem: So before some years I did start to save some important datas on a extern 8 GB USB stick and now I have the problem to copy the files from this USB stick to a other HDD location without to get a problem message on each single file what I wanna copy.So if I have 1000 files to copy then I also get 1000 times the same windows error message which I also need to confirm and I found no way to disable this message or to enable any auto confrim etc.So I know the USB stick is almost trash but many files are still ok and now I wanna find a solution to disable this message I get etc.


So the USB stick is not write protected or has any "thing" to enable / disable a writeprotection etc.Also I don't know why I get this error.So now I tried already some diffrent copy tools I found on the NET but with all of them I get this message too and I have also to confirm this message for each file.So this is really not my case to press mouse for hours.


So the question is how I could copy the files on HDD without to get this message anymore?Do you know any tool what can handle this or do you know a way to fix this error problem?


This tool I tried so far......without success to bypass the error message etc.

- TeraCopy 227
- SuperCopier2
- FastCopy211
- Copy Handler

Maybe you have any idea etc what could help.


Thank you

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mode one:use data recovery softeware scan with the delete mode,and it will quick copy your files from your USB disk.

use this maybe can quicklly:




mode two: fomart you USB disk.the messagebox tell your USB disk locked,it means your partition table of the USB DISK is eroded


if you will formart it,try this:





i suggest you recovery data first,etc

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Ich Grüße Sie LCF
i really recommend u to use Backtrack o.s to save the copy problems , in such cases i use always boot cd called :
Ultimate Boot CD 
this cd is the perfect solution for all problems with data restor and copy ,,,,, etc
boot from this cd then choose : parted magic , then u will be immediately turned to the visual linux enviroument , there u can do whatever you want ...
if u dont have this cd , tell me to upload you one ....
by the way , it is a free cd. you can directly download it
regards .

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Probably not the issue but rule it out how the usb is detected at boot; if you booted the machine with USB drive inserted try rebooting it with usb drive removed. 


Was there some 3rd party app used to format and use the USB drive on XP?  It may have write protected the disk partition. 

Not sure, try checking what diskpart displays.  This is cmd line OS utility for modifying the partition info.  Use Caution
C:\> diskpart  [enter]

DISKPART> list disk

DISKPART> select disk #   <- what ever # the usb drive is, assuming its 5

DISKPART> list disk  <-  should show an * for the selected drive

DISKPART> attributes disk  <- This will tell you if the disk is write protected by partition info

IF and ONLY IF it is set readonly.   DISKPART> attributes disk clear readonly


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I've not tried my suggestion with a USB stick, but I have used this approach with HDD's, and since both HDD's and USB sticks have partitions, I imagine that this should work.


Use disk imaging software to make a clone of the USB stick (just about any product should work, and they're all available in trial mode: StorageCraft, Acronis, Paragon for instance).


When you're creating the backup job, you will be prompted for a destination partition, so you will need to have a device where you can create a partition (and my advice would be to use a HDD as the destination). Within the advanced options of the backup job you will be able to prompt to ignore errors and continue. This will allow the imaging software to make a copy of your USB stick, without prompting you all the time, and the log file will also give you an idea of how much corruption that there is (e.g. how many blocks can't be read).


So once the backup has completed you will have a copy of the USB stick without errors. Hopefully you will then be able to copy a bunch of files without error, and those that do error, you can just delete (because this is a copy after all). For the remaining files, if you still want to to try and recover them, you will need to use data recovery software.




Actually I should clarify, you could also just copy to an image, and then restore the files from the image. This would mean that you could backup to a directory on your PC, and then restore the files from there. There are a few ways that this issue could be tackled.

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How about a C based code that finds the window title/class and runs a while/for loop with VK_Key virtual keystrokes to continue when the window pops..if it's got shortcut keys associated :

For example Continue would be ALT+C then just hold ALT+c until it's done...

Are the file attribs set as read only or system or something like that...

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