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Lavabit's Dark Mail Initiative...

Teddy Rogers

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Lavabit's Dark Mail Initiative


The goal is to cleanup and release the source code that was used to power Lavabit as a f/oss project with support for dark mail added.


The challenge will be finding talented programmers to work on and support the project. The more funds we have available, the easier it will be to attract top tier talent!


Lavabit is planning to hire programmers with f/oss development experience and who've worked with C, Javascript, HTML, SQL and JSON.





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"Along with preserving existing functionality, the team will build in support for the Dark Mail protocol. Dark Mail, a newly developed messaging protocol, is designed to provide end-to-end encryption of both the message itself and the email in transit. Because encryption will be integrated into the protocol itself, it will be invisible to the user. Dark Mail users will get the security of PGP without the cognitive burden; if someone can use email today they will be able to use Dark Mail tomorrow."

--spooked of the spooks

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