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Hello guys,

If you posted suggestions here and you didn't see them in the new release, don't worry. We take them seriously, but we cannot implement every suggestion in a new release. Especially small things like new context menus etc take a lot of time and we want to focus on big differences.

In time everything you guys suggest will be implemented :)


Mr. eXoDia

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Teddy Rogers

Note for everyone... please can you create new topics - in this forum - for bug reports and feature requests so that Mr. eXoDia can keep this topic for announcing new versions and change logs. Thank you...


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  • 2 weeks later...

V1.9ALPHA is out, featuring many requested changes!


- fixed scroll bar ranges in tables

- support SetThreadName exception

- fixed a very annoying bug on some systems with the '^' character being inserted after the '6' without shift pressed

- re-enabled autocomments (strings etc)

- strings in register view

- search for inter-modular calls

- CALL <jmp.&user32.MessageBoxA> auto label

- shift+click selection

- latest XEDParse version (you can now assemble jumps etc)

- auto-select next instruction after assembling

- assemble -> fill with NOPs

- fixed a bug with the sidebar (jumps going out of the bar have no lines anymore)

- breakpoint menu in dump (hwbp)

- hexdump ASCII/UNICODE are now actually readable (no spaces between characters)

- save previous hexdump view mode to config

- fixed incorrect stack default option (remove your config to apply)

- memory breakpoints are highlighted in the memory map

- copy context menu in every StdTable (not yet in disasm/dump)

- breakpoint context menu in memory map

- follow in dump/disasm context menu in memory map

- removed invalid 'OrdinalX' from symbol view

- section name + module name + rva + label in InfoBox

- list comments/labels/bookmarks/functions in the reference view

- fixed a bug in memfindpattern (thanks to Computer_Angel)

- fixed a crash when deleting all breakpoints

- ctrl+g now works in CPUDump

- fixed a bug with printing the instruction immediat values

- added hex edit dialog

- added binary edit/copy/paste context menu in disasm/dump/stack

- binary fill (with wildcard support)

- added search for -> pattern context menu option

- required administrator in manifest (may resolve some random bugs)

- fully support patching (+ save to file) + advanced patch dialog

- patch import/export

- fixed jmp/call FAR tokenizing

- support 0x prefixed numbers

- added some exception names when an exception is reached

- binary -> fill NOPs in disassembly

- fixed a bug with disassembling on an invalid address

- add support to get the module base (see help)

- updated help, most commands are now documented




Mr. eXoDia

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So now that coloring is supported I made x64dbg look like my olly so I finally feel "at home". (Also because all other features I missed are now mostly supported)


... read on here   (topic moved)

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@Artic as written you only have to replace the colors section in the ini with my posted stuff. There's no other way to import a scheme. Easy enough like it is


Edit: If anyone has a good olly theme that also other people like, send it to me and will do a x64dbg theme out of it

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@av999: You can also use the commandline to start debugging a file, for example:

x64_dbg.exe "C:\Program Files\test.exe"
If you want to create a context menu entry for x64_dbg, modify the attached reg file to have the correct path.


Mr. eXoDia


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"via command initdbg " - how?

example please

i want run xdbg with ""C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2009\acad.exe"   /p ""  /w "" /b "C:\Program Files\name1\name2.scr""

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Again, please use the forum here for posting support or feature requests.



EDIT: Answer to your question, the commands in http://help.x64dbg.com should be entered in the command bar inside x64_dbg (see the bottom).

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V2.0ALPHA is out!


- added _dbgfunctions to plugin header

- fixed some context menu bugs in the RegistersView

- option to disassemble in uppercase

- color settings for symbol log

- use hexedit colors in ASCII and UNICODE fiels in HexEditDialog

- added various plugin functions

- automatically add plugin callbacks on certain exports (see help)

- updated help

- updated DeviceNameResolver

- added boundary checks on DbgMem* functions (resolved some crash)

- added patches, comments, labels, bookmarks, functions to the toolbar

- speed boost because the memory map is now cached

- allow sorting in every StdTable (References, Symbols etc)

- added simple update checker

- limit size of the log view

- click bullets to enable/disable/remove breakpoints

- fixed a display bug in the title when not inside a module

- fixed attaching (does not hang anymore)

- fixed issue with deleting disabled breakpoints

- fixed an issue with the last breakpoint never removed from the database

- fixed a crash in the string reference functions

- fixed a bug in valapifromstring (test.exe:imagebase now works)

- double click now works better

- double click on breakpoints will follow in CPU

- fixed a display bug in the InfoBox

- breakpoints/bookmarks in the reference view

- fixed focus problem in Goto dialog

- double click on the CIP register will follow it in the CPU

- added font customization options

- fixed a bug with displaying 'rep stosb'

- fixed a display bug when there are no bookmarks/comments etc

- fixed a bug in valtostring, editing CSP will now actually update the stack

- fixed a bug with negative values in 'complex' expressions

- WordEditDialog now allows signed and unsigned decimal editing too

- added callstack

- added 'Patches' to Disassembly context menu

- you can now 'Modify' a value in the stack from the context menu




Mr. eXoDia

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