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Mod-x Security Challenge - Great Free Web Game

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Hello all!I know its old game, still running but i would need some help from someone who completed level 6 of this reversing/hacking..cracking course..
The main problem is that site is still running but admins and most of ppl are gone..
I am stuck on decrypting txt files which i get from *.m*.. i dont know how to get readable txt..solutions hints can be pm to me...Ps: for everyone else which didnt try it yet.. go for it..thx NEO

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I used to play hacker.org and rankk.org when I got time so I've seen a few of the ideas here before.


Getting to level 7 was simple enough but ran out of time after that.


Do you mean zxx.txt: and xbhb.txt?

I dont think its actually all that useful. I used wincode's BTOA function.


Far more interesting is what software the board is using :)

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i will pm you, since after 6 years i think its time i found out what i was missing:P


i dont think we are talking about same level...


bye NeO

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Its the same level, but maybe didnt find the files above. They are irrelevant anyway.


The info from the mp3 files just needs the right password. Once you have that then it wont spit out garbage, it spits out the the solution in plaintext.

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i wrote you all the step in did in pm...



Above you are probably my last hope that i will be able to sleep in peace after 6 years:P



bye NeO

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Didnt knew the Mod-X yet. only several other similar sites.


Kinda walked to Lvl6 easily, now I am staring at the AuthCode/Response for hours and cant find a valid pattern, tho some aspects are obvious.


Could someone hint me here?


First thing I did was rearrange the codes like so

0000070070171107007100100 and 2444242244242242224224242

The sums are ovious, however I'm failing to see the other rules. I tried diverse mathematical and algebraic operations on every position in the numbers but what might apply to one example doesnt on the other etc...


Help appreciated !

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