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Need some help to get activated!


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Hi guys,

I have a short question.So before a few days I tried to register on board called..


...but wihtout 100% successfully.The problem is that I after the registering get no activation link in my Email sent. :( The questions is why?I tried already create 2 accounts but each time I get no link and now I have the accounts and can't use them.I tried also to write some PMs to the mods on this board but I think they don't got them too.

Now the big question.Is somebody of you already registered on this board who can help to send the board admins or mods a PM about the not sending of activation links after a registering etc and that they should check all not valid accounts + activate them etc.

Thank you

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LCF-AT i just register there yes activation not coming to email but you can login without problem   hehehe  i just try  password recovery option and email is coming i just recive email with new password try that LCF-AT   they know about that problem here is image



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Hi Dreamer,

yes you can login etc but you can't create any topic or reply something etc.So a other member did send me a valid account now [Thanks again for this].No idea why some people getting a activation-link and others not etc!=?Maybe some board bug or some "where do you come from" problem etc. :) No idea what the problem or reason is .

EDIT: So you mean if I try the new pass thing then you are after activated?What happend if you want to reply on any topic?Do you get the text / edit box to see or still the info message your are not activated / banned etc?


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i am just received   email to activate my account  email go in spam so check spam  LCF-AT  i hope you will also get activation email to activate your account. oh yes i can replay now or make new post  tested .

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aha,so I got no spam mails [there is nassing :)] in my EMail box.Anyway,so now I have a working account which I can use so maybe I will send the admin later a PM about this Activation-Mail etc.

Thanks again so far guys and till later.


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