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Repair corrupted rar


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Just got a crash and lost some files. Did a recover with different software and most of the files are recovered. However all the rar or zip files are corrupted while opening. All of them contains a password but so far i can't get it because of the corrupted archive message.

Did with all the tools i could find a archive repair but did not effect.

Is there any of you who knows how to acces the content inside the archives?

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so I think you can forget it to search any public tools who can fix your recovered corrupted rar files.I also never get fixed any files like this after using a recover tool (File Scavenger for exsample) and also don't really belive that xy tools which does say "they can do it" etc.So I already lost many times datas in the past [HDD / USB] and had the same problem with my rar files where all almost was broken / corrupted after a recover [can just talk for me of course etc].If you really need to recover your files if they are important for you then you should try to call any professional data recover laboratory if you have enough money of course.


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