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[VDO] Problem Unpack Ragexe Themida


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I represent the people of tRO came to help unpack Regexe.
Currently, we are experiencing in the tRO people finding their Recvpacket.txt since I have no knowledge.
But a group of guys I have tried to study. icon_e_biggrin.gifThis video is by trial and error to find out information from tut4you. icon_e_wink.gif
But the problem is that the installation procedure. Using ollyDBG error occurred that we don't know.
Ask advice from your  developer helpA group of us have 100 + people.
When we do, we won't have to bother you.Sorry if the English is not correct.
ps.The above video is ref: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLo7mkoHPmU.



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