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How to save what I see with the "clearly" add-on?


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so I have again a little problem and need some infos and maybe you can help me again.So before some weeks I found a very nice Add-On called clearly...


....and I have test it and its just great.So this plugin can show you only the main text of a homepage in a very good style.So you get only the text to see and all the other uselss stuff is not visible.Almost like a normal book page.So this I like very much.So the plugin does also handle more text pages together.Lets say you read a story which was split in more pages 1,2,3 etc then it will check this too and does show you all pages together so that you only need to scroll down.

So the problem now is to find a way to save this new page style as html file or as pdf etc.So if I try to save it as html then it will just save the original page and style and also just one page like the original you know.But I wanna save this new "clearly" shown page style + all text pages which I see.Is there maybe a way to do this?

So at the moment I can just save all single pages as html page and then I can load this html page in FF and then press again the "clearly" plugin to get the good text style view again but this I have then to do with any single page.

So other way which could work is if I just copy only the text from all 5 pages into a txt file so this I can also let show with "clearly" but then the text looks very unclean and unsortet and no more original.So the problem are the html commands beteen the text.

html command xy "Here some text" html commands xy so you know what I mean right so I don't have ideas about this.

So does someone of you have any idea whether there is any way to save this "clearly" show style in a new html page etc?

Or do you know any tool [no complex or bigsize tools please] where I can save more than one html page as one html page?You know what I mean right?So if there are 5 pages then I wanna save them as one page to prevent to save each page of these 5 pages.Something like this maybe so like I said I have no ideas about this html etc stuff.

So if you like then just test this Add-On or maybe you know it already and know maybe also a way how to save this "clearly" showing style into a same style into a new html page or pfd or etc.Sorry I can't explain it better so what I just can say is that I wanna save this what I see with "clearly" later if possible.

Thank you

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Unfortunately you can not save it as a PDF format. Your chance here is to use the Clip to Evernote. Option (Shortcut Control + ALT + UpArrow)


Or click the Elephant grey icon on the right panel. When you press it you will have the choice to enter your registered email with password. Then when you open it you will see it is saved there at your page.


Here you can register and then login later to see your files you sent so it is just like yahoo or gmail etc




There you can see them under All Notes click your article and then click "Open this note in a new window." at the arrow icon.


Save it with normal File > Save as whatever you want.

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Hi Lostin,

oh I have to register on this page?Is there no way without to register etc?Ok lets say I do this then I can save to this service and from there I can download it?

"Save it with normal File > Save as whatever you want" <-- So did you test this feature?So as what you can save it and the main question is if you save it for exsample as html [etc] and you do load this saved html page in FF do you now see it like it "clearly" did show you when you have use it or does it show you again like the original page and now you have again to use "clearly"?

Maybe you can create a short video where I can see it + saving the file as xy + starting this saved file etc you know what I mean right.

Or maybe you can just attach a saved exsample from any page so that I can see that it also looks like in "clearly" without to use "clearly" later again.


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Yes you must register it shouldn't take you more than 2 minutes :)


After you register you have to login there to see your saved notes. There you can File > Save as. From your browser. (But you must open it on a new window) And they will look like what you wanted without styles :)


Ok i will create a short video for you can see.

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