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In a Tumblr post, the company announced that on July 15, it will be “freeing up” Yahoo email addresses that have been inactive for a year or more. But it’s not just deactivating these accounts, it’s going to offer them to other people.


In mid July, anyone can have a shot at scoring the Yahoo! ID they want. In mid August, users who staked a claim on certain IDs can come to Yahoo! to discover which one they got.



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yahoo is really trying hard to become as unpopular as possible.


I, for one, will make sure to keep a distance to services who reassign my identity after just one year of idleing...

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I have a Yahoo ID and I think Yahoo shouldn't give it to nobody because if it's a hacker other person will have problems with it. It's like in a forum you ban someone and then give to other and the people thinks he is this person.

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LordCoder thank you for this news :)


I remember Yahoo! was a fun place to go to in the past. But now everything has changed and yahoo is boring.

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I only use Yahoo Messenger of all Yahoo services :) It's the best service of all yahoo has. Now with the update to Yahoo Mail everything goes slower than before.

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