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Opera Mail 1.0 Stable Released


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With the release of the new Chromium-based Opera, the Norwegian developer dislocated the mail component from the web browser and provided it as a standalone product.Today, the company rolls out the first stable build for their email client; it remained as simple as before as the modifications available in this standalone version are quite subtle.As such, the layout and the main features users were accustomed to in the built-in client from the browser have been preserved.There is the tabbed interface that allows quick and easy access to multiple messages; it still incorporates a feed reader to fetch news from your subscriptions.Furthermore, messages can be viewed in threads, which makes for easy tracking of a conversation. One thing that’s new is the availability of the “Contacts” button in a more prominent position.Download Opera Mail


Reference: Softpedia

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Teddy Rogers

There won't be much to distinguish Opera between Chrome and Chromium at the rate they are stripping away features! Still... this may turn out to be a nice alternative to Thunderbird.


Looking at the snapshots in the link it looks like RSS feeds are going to be moving to Opera Mail which, I will find annoying if it has been stripped away/will not be included from Opera Next...


Anyone tried out the new Opera Mail, anything noteworthy?



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