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EU to vote on harsher penalties for hackers


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by Lisa Vaas on June 11, 2013


The EU has drafted a new directive that includes harsher penalties for those convicted of hacking.

The European Parliament last week approved a draft of the proposal and will vote on it in July.

Those found guilty of the following types of illegal hacking will face at least two years in prison, if they do so with criminal intent and cause serious harm, if they breach a security measure while doing so, and if they neglect to tell a system operator all about the vulnerability in a timely manner:

  • Illegal, intentional access to an information system.

  • Illegally interfering with data.

Illegally intercepting communications. This includes recording communications and covers the time spanning data transfer from the sender to the receiver, by cable or wireless, and the devices and technologies that record, including software, passwords and codes.

Intentionally producing and selling tools used to commit these offenses.



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Teddy Rogers

They should be more worried about the NSA than trying to deter (malicious) hackers. At the rate the NSA are going they won't even need to hack in to anything to know everything...



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