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nice keygen missinginbytes, really nice art work and code, actually, would you share your source code with us? :), but if it's private it's ok. Best Regards

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Try UPX or some other "normal" packer instead of FSG. That should take care of AVG detection. ;)

You're right about that but I really support the xtreeme team and bart (the author of FSG) and love the FSG (basically mostly for the idea and the concept).

Excuse my old-fashion habits, I'm still living in the 90's - 2000 world. :]

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There were good Polish Reversing guys :Xtreem Team,Htb team,Underpl ,Aoogc and smola

it's really sad that they no longer exist.




Good work and I know your work from 90's - 2000 world :smilie3:

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