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Professional GDI Keygen Effect #1 - Fire Tornado


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Nice effect TomaHawk, but it's only to demonstrate te curious effect right?. Because the zip file only contains the executable, no source code inside :(, I think some of the most complicated keygen effect still remain in secret by the rce teams, well maybe some day they will surprise us an let them for free to everyone interested. maybe. Again good and cool effect. you're a very good coder. Regards.


By the way, it's packed by our friend VMP :P : VMProtect v.2.07 - X.X  2003-2012 VMProtect Software

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Thanks! But it is not coded by me, i did only some code-fixing and improvements.

I will upload the next days some more oldskool keygen effects, just to letting know they are still alive.

Maybe some day i shall include the source to keep them alive but that is a maybe.

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