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how to play the old games on win 7?


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ago when I was still using Win XP SP2, I used to play old Game 8/16 bit on my PC, I tried to run on Win 7 can not play, think about what tools are needed to run the application?

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Try this trick:(for me it worked many times for example to open Lenas old program)

so do this:

1)Press right click (on the mouse) on the icon of the program.

2)If it win7 so you should see the option :"Troubleshoot Compatibility" 

3)Press on it.

4)After you pressed you should see:2 options but you press on "Try recoomend settings".

5)You should see "start the program" press on it.

6)didnt work?!?!so press "next"

7)you should see 3 options but you press on "No,try again using different settings".

8)you should see 4 options but you say the problem is that your program is "old" so press on the first:"The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won't install or run now."

9)then after you press on it he ask you which version it was

10)from here i wish you understand and you can do it alone:)))


Or maybe try it :(the game red-alert2 didnt work to me so i just change it to win98)

1)press right click on the program

2)press on "properties"


4)press on "run this program in compatibility it made for:"

5)choose one of them

6)press "Apply"


i wish it was helpful:))))

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