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Hello. Im not beginner but still i cant do much about RE. I am looking for someone who could answer my questions and explain, clarify my problems. Im learning very fast. Pm me please or reply here, thanx in advance

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The best way to solve mine problems is just to direct me to right tut (i didnt find myself), so first ones are, how do HWID check look, how to find it in disassembled code (its themida if it matters). Second, how can i say what made app to terminate? I inject a dll and bam! program terminated. No idea what caused it, no idea how to find out. Third, how do plugins like strongod work? Few ticks and voila, debugged is undetectable. What really they do? And one more, in one file comments are not saved properly... when i reload olly they are gone. In other apps they stayed

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