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Is it possible to create a control tool?


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I just have a little question.

So do you think whether it's possible to create a Tool which can handle the Script plugin & OllyDBG exports?

Idea: Let's say there is any tool which can control [see above] the process.So I am just looking for a tool where you can load a target in the tool and also a normal Olly Script and then the tool has some kind of a start button and if you press it then the tool run's the script on this loaded target and does also use all normal OllyDBG exports.So is this maybe possible?It's almost the same like if you start Olly / load target / load script / run script but in this case the target is not loaded directly in Olly.Almost like any tool where you can load a target and to execute the script commands the tool can access the script pluign and Olly exports.

The tool should first only have a normal GUI where you can load a target and a script and some basic buttons like run / stop / aboard / unload etc and it should have a log window where you can see what is logged by the script + messagesboxed / ASK boxes etc which you can press if the script has it til the script is finished.

So the main thing is that the tool is just the control tool you know what I mean?Just wanna know whether it's possible to create some kind of tool or not.

PS: I know there is already something like this called TitanMist but no idea how to use it on that way.I only see some CMD enter stuff [no my thing] without any GUI's etc.


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getting not smarter after reading TitanMist.pdf how to use this also I find nothing about to creating a GUI etc.Found also no easy exsamples about it.



Ok so there I see a exsample script it's clear so far but how can I create a GUI which include this script?

Something like this maybe...


Basic GUI

Add Script Data

Compile to exe


I only can find this "TitanEngine 2.0.3 and unpacker GUI with LUA" but there is also used LUA.Now I am looking for something like this but without LUA and with TitanMist + Some GUI + Compiler to exe file later without to execute the scripts with any CMD.So is this possible now or not?If you know how to make a GUI with TitanMist + any exsample script then you can show it to me maybe or maybe you know some tutorial link where I can see this what I am looking for etc you know or have I understand something wrong etc?


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