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Thanx Brother for the Keygen


but when i compiled it in Delphi 7 it hault on that code




at that Function


Function AboutDlgProc(hWdAbout: HWND; uiMsgAbout: UInt; wPrAbout: WParam; lPrAbout: LParam): LRESULT; stdcall;

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Lets read some infomation about REGION derective: The REGION and ENDREGION directives control the display of collapsible regions in the code editor. These directives are ignored by the compiler.

To mark code as a region, surround it with the REGION and ENDREGION directives. You may include a message that will be displayed when the code is folded and hidden.


That line doesnt use when compile. It only uses to hide the code in the code editor, it makes the code is obvious than for programmer. So on, you can delete or use // to make that line to a comment.

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