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is this real or fake


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i am found on net some images of this anyone know is this real or fake






Ps: to Teddy i hope this not violate  forum rules i am not post keygenerator only image if violate rules  delete and sorry. 

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Well the actual code for WL license generation is provided with the WL SDK. There's no reason to not know how these are generated, I've seen it it in pure assembly. Cracking the RSA keys however is another thing.


This could be anything. Someone his own generator, in which he knows the keys. A generator for an app where the key is patched. Or a true keygen (seen only FFF do this and only on smartactivate keys, so unlikely.)

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Slightly off topic, so my apologies for the topic hijack. Why is UnPackCN so restrictive that you have to have credits; to read some topics, download files and surprisingly even to send a PM, etc.?



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Dragon Palace



UnPackCn is original source come from place, but I have provide the latest version here can without going to UPK to download it.

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