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Virtual PC question


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Hello again,

so I have a problem after installing Virtual PC 2007 SP1.I installed XP [no SP] and after this I installed the Virtual Additions but see no change after.So now my screen resolution is set to 800x600 4 bit and I can not change it to a higher color.Driver is VM Additions S3 Trio32/64 which I can see there.So how can I get now a choice to choose higher resolutions & colors?

Thank you

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Haha!Du bist a Heinz! :)

Very helpfully answer deepzero! :slap:

I do not uninstall VPC and use VirtualBox now.

So I did already VMware but can't install it on my system. :) So I had installed VPC before a longer time already but I did also forget how to fix this stupid resolutions trash.Always this xy problems after installing xy this sucks!Anyway so I hope that someone else has the answer for my VPC problem.


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I don't think you can get a XP without any SP working up with Additions. You really can't install SP2/SP3 ?

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No Sp? O_O

I missed that one. There`s your issue.

Go dl and install SP3, it`s free. Then try installing the guest additions again.

Dropping VPC2007 is the only valid move, though, imo. It`s called "2007" for a reason.

True, VmWare needs a x64 bit CPU, which you presumably dont have. But vbox will work just fine.

btw: i never resolved my graphics/resolutio issues with vpc. But switching to vbox/vmware made them simply disappear.

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So you mean I need to install SP2 or SP3?So I don't wanna use any SP on VM so thats the reason why I have installed the iso without SP.

You mean the Additions are only working with SP2 or SP3?Whats this for a trash again.

PS: Ok now I have disabled the VGA driver S3 Trio and restart the OS and now I can choose higher resolutions :) Now I see (Default Monitor) on.Hhmmm,maybe not the best solution but it works at the moment.Ok the scrolling hangs a little [not liquid] but this seems to be the only problem now.

Edit: Thanks also for the info deep0.So I use already SP on my normal OS and just need the same without SP on a VM station.I also tried VBox in the past but there was HWBPs not working and had also other problems with that VM which I can't also remember at the moment as always.


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Why do you want to use VirtualPC? For the kind of things you want to do I think your only option is to use VirtualBox or VMWare 7.1.6. Even Hyper-V (now VirtualPC built in to later operating systems) isn't very good for reversing in Windows XP as your guest OS...


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