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NFS Skin - uPPP Skin


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File Name: NFS Skin - uPPP Skin

File Submitter: wordbeast

File Submitted: 02 Oct 2012

File Category: uPPP Skins

My new skin

in this skin you can choos the colour you want of the Dialog

by just following these steps


open : skin (folder)

now open : w2b - NFS.ini



| BACKGROUND=main1.png <=== change number (1 - 6)

| PATCHBUTTON=patch.png

| EXITBUTTON=exit.png

| CHECKBOX=backup.png

| ONOFF=pp.png

| ICON=w2b.ico

| ........................



1= green (Default)

2= blue

3= purple

4= pink

5= red

6= yellow


Click here to download this file

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you make some great looking eyecatcher-skins, and you have a good "hand" for colors. seems that we see more such a "unique" designs (not typical boring ones) in the future. reasons enough 2 say: dont get tired and go on :)

@diver: hello mr. talent for most everything, hope you're fine - greets!

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@diver: hello mr. talent for most everything, hope you're fine - greets!

Hi mate, I'm fine. Hope you too. drinks.gif

A little short of time ..... unfortunately .....

And your new skins have not seen, apparently is also busy.....

@wordbeast: - waiting for new works hi.gif


Edited by Diver
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i will try my best to give best skins

i brain is not working

So give your suggestion

so can make better skins

Edited by wordbeast
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