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looking for windows research kernel 1.2


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as you may know microsoft once releases (parts of?) the sourceocde of the NT kernel for academic usage:

In theory one can only dl it with a msdn subscription, but ofcourse it went viral soon after.

Now, however, i am unable to find a copy. All torrents an links appear to be dead.

Does anyone still happen to have this?

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all the links are dead, except for the very first one on google code... :crazy:

I actually had downloaded that one, but somehow i had gotten a zero-length file.

It worked fine this time and ti indeed contains the WRK 1.2, but it appears to be missing some files.

I pulled a second copy off of a shady russian website, which appears to be complete.

Here`s a link if anyone else is interested:


Sorry for the nagging, i am actually a huge anti-fan of "cant-find-xyz-pls-gimme-dl-link" but to my surprise i really wasnt able to find anything after a long time searching.

If anyone has the original, "untouched" file, i`d still be interested in that. :)

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I verified contents of your file against this: http://jacekowski.or...hKernel-WRK.zip and WRK-v1.2 folder contents match with yours. So, I guess that this is the real deal. :)

If you're feeling adventurous, you might look at 2.4GiB tar file too :D : http://www.il.is.s.u...eaching/os2009/

WRK directory contents:

* Docs and Examples-WRK build instructions and documentation

* Virtual PC 2007-setup for Virtual PC 2007

* Win2k3SP1 Image-preconfigured Windows Server 2003 SP1 image

* WinDbg-setup for the Windows Debugging Tools

* WRK-v1.2-NTOS kernel source code and build environment for the kernel

* WindowsInternalsBook4thEdition -Textbook

I'm sure that Microsoft has released several modifications of WRK-v1.2, so it's hard to tell what's "untouched" and what's not. For example, my private copy from 2007 has slightly different © messages in few .c files and one .c file is missing. So, take whatever is available and be happy! ;)

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I was not able to find a working download link for the win2k source code except for some torrent links. Can somebody please provide a download by a sharehoster?

the wrk is pretty good, but it is still incomplete e.g. I wanted to find out more about this:


from reactos:


MemoryRegionInformation or MemoryBasicVlmInformation is somehow not implemented.

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