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How to create a custom all in one installer?


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Hi Guys,

so I have again a new question about something and maybe you can help me again. :)

So I am looking for a tool which can create a new installer of my xy target.


So I have installed Firefox portable on my system and after this I also installed some Add ons + flash plugin and added some internetpages and also changes many settings like optic & config etc so and now all is working well.All clear so far right?

Now I want to create a installer of my installed FF like it is working at this point.Also this new installer should work on any OS to install it fresh again etc.So do you know any easy to handle tools [free if possible] which can do this?So its of course not for FF only so after this I wanna also use this tool for other installed apps etc.

- Install target xy

- Make all my custom settings etc

- Install extra plugins etc

- etc


- Now the xy tool should read all this + regentrys / regged dlls & extra files which does the app need etc and create a new all in one installer etc.You know what I mean right?So I just wanna install it one time and do my custom setup etc and wanna let create the installer so that I don't need to do this anymore in the future again.Would be nice if you have some ideas about some tools which I can try.

Thank you

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This doesnt work.

Catching all the reg entires, files, etc. is not a good idea, if you just want to create an installer.

Instead i suggest you use as much pre-made portable software as possible.

You can also create your own portable software (if need be), using tools like Thininstall (or whatever it is called nowadays...).

But be warned, in the ideal case it`s all easy and click-and-you-are-done, but not every Software likes to be made portable...better leave that to the experts.

It`s just generally not worth the time/trouble...

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so I tried portable app creator now but without success so I did already failed on the first reg snapshot. :) It just needs to much time +15 minutes and slows my system totally down and this suc{*}s!Anyway so I think I can forget it again as always. :)

PS: Sorry I have no VMWare installed at the moment and I was also looking for some VERY VERY simple way. :) You know something like...choose app xy press mouse = Installer done etc. :)


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Given this isn't the first time you've asked this question and the answers were similar then, have you considered actually making a package manually? Unless you have a lot of targets you wish to make installable, going generic may be more work and overhead than it is really worth, how many changes need to be made and how hard would it be to put reg entries into a .key/.reg file which gets installed by a batch file as it is installing the software?



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I made a tut how to make portable fire fox old versions because I know you like old versions FF

very easy to follow

--- first you need to have all your plugins +addons+ FF

remember must be old versions of FireFox are fast and light

--- search in google for the program that I showed in the tut

Thinstall that version has a trick you need to put your clock system to 2001

to run it and to apply the patch

--- before you make the scan make sure your turn off your antivirus in that way

the program can open the registry

----try to make the portable program for Personal Use in that way you don't have

to make A lot of tests and edit tomuch

----remember that portables programs usually stay on the processes so you need sometimes

open the Task manager to terminate the program

---with practice you can make portable programs but keep in mind that like deepzero said

some programs are not very easy to make portables so just make only with the easy ones

----rememeber with this version of thinstall you will not be able to modify in the future

the portable program you will probably need it to make other scan with the new config

or updates

best wishes thank you


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I don't get it. You said you have Portable, just copy your folder of FF, zip it and you will have all your custom setting. This action will work for all Portable App, i use Portable version for almost application in my computer. When my C system have problem, re-install system and extract my zip, no need to run any setup.

In case you want to update your setting daily, this post of kao maybe help you, the "redirect and DVD solution" is good for you.

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@ ghandi

Yes you are right so last time I was looking for some portable app makers and I tried some of them but without success on my system and this time I was looking for a install maker etc.So I am also looking for some very easy to handle tools which can do this for me but I did not found easy one so I have already problem to use NSIS etc. :( Also I don't know what to save from the registry or how to find any key of xy target there etc.

@ delldell

Coolio! :) Thank you for this video so this looks already almost simple. :) Now the big questions.

1. Did you cut your movie durring your tool has taken the snapshot?So I did already yesterday to try to take a snapshot with the other tool and there it has taken +15 minutes and did not finished the snap for me so it was just to long so I canceled the snap after +15 minutes.

2. Can I use your tool also on normal OS or better in Sandboxie in a fesh Sandbox?Does this also work there?

3. What about some folders like windows path?C:\windows...etc.Lets say this is my path and now I create the portable app and what is if I run the portable app on other system where the windows is located on other path like d:\windows or c:\winXP etc does then the portable app fail to run or does it also reconize this paths etc?Just a question so I am not sure about it whether it then also works.So in the past I did also dl some public portable apps which also failed to run for me.

@ kakamail

So you mean I just need to rar my full FF folder only?If I now unrar it on other system on any path then does it also run like for me on my system etc?Ok thanks for the info so I will test it too later. :)

PS: Sorry again for the maybe stupid questions but I have not much ideas about this installer/portable/registry etc stuff.Thanks again @all so far of course.


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your questions

1. Did you cut your movie durring your tool has taken the snapshot?


yes to make small movie

your questions

I did already yesterday to try to take a snapshot with the other tool and there it has taken +15


I don't know that tool I only I have been using manually make portable programs and thinstall

referent to the tool you saw in the movie this are the time results with FF +plugins in this case flash player

1 step 3 minutes

2 step 2 minutes

3 step 2 minutes

the total time without interruptions and some tests and editing must be between 7 to 13 minutes

FF is small program shoud be no more than 13 minutes at maximun

your questions

Can I use your tool also on normal OS or better in Sandboxie in a fesh Sandbox?Does this also work there?


I made some tests and you can not make portables programs In Sandboxie with the tool you saw in the movie

for the moment ofcourse maybe with more tests I can find the solution

your questions

What about some folders like windows path?C:\windows...etc.Lets say this is my path and now I create the portable app and what is if I run the portable app on other system where the windows is located on other path like d:\windows


I made especial test for you

i intalled same system but with diferent version and diferent language this time xp home ES

in Drive D:\windows


so It works the same program portable that I made in the drive C\ works Good in this drive

bests wishes and thank you

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@ delldell

Thanks for your answers so far.

Ok if I can't use this tool under Sandboxie then I can only use it on my normal OS.Problem is now that I have already installed FF + flash etc there.So have I to uninstall all apps again completly now which I want to make portable with your tool?What about incomplete uninstall operations?Normaly if I uninstall any target then there will keep some arrears in the registry / HDD etc so can this be a problem later if I re-install any target + using your tool?


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Short info:

So I did try now again the other Portable App Creator on my normal system and installed also AutoIt before to use it.So here takes the snapshot just some seconds without to hang etc like in Sandboxie. :) I run this now and all was looking ok so far and I installed FF + flash etc make my settings etc and after all these steps the app creator was on the last step "process etc" and then it pop up a error message!!!!Great!


autoit error

line 359 (file "c:\*....\Portable app creator.exe"):

error: "continueloop" statement with no matching "While", "Do" or "For" statement.


I did try it two times but without success and got again this error trash!


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before i made the movie i had intalled the firefox and the plugins for testins to make sure

the video was ok so if you remove the trash entrys and de old folders of FF after unistall

it shoud be ok

Portable App Creator I don't know this tool but I will download it and test it inside the Sanboxie and outside

I am going to google the program

thank you very much

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@ delldell

Ok so now I have test Thinstall on my normal OS.Just de-installed my FF + flash & activeX with CCleaner too and then I re-install it with Thinstall.So all in all it seems to work. :) So I did run the new FF created pack in a fresh Snadboxie and the FF did also start there with all my settings + add on etc. :)

So at the moment I just found some 2 issues where the FF does differ from the normal FF which I had installed on my normal OS.

1. The bar where I can enter a html address....Let say I enter a address xy.Now after the page was loaded etc and I press with the mouse one time in the bar again and on my normal FF it does select the whole address and on my new FF it does no more select the whole bar so now I have always so select the whole line manually.Why?

2. Flash Video: Here the new FF does not remember the set window position.Lets say I choose any video and it does show it to me in large window modus [standart] but I can change this to a lower window modus to watch [this should FF remember] but if I now refresh this page or choose a other video to watch then it changed the video window again to large and does not keep in lower modues which I have choosen before.So on my normal FF it does remember it and in the new FF it does not.

Note: Both have the same settings etc.

So where is here the problem now?Do you have some advice for me etc?


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usually all the temp config are in this folder ( Thinstall )

on regular OS

-C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Thinstall

now to config the localstore.RDF this is where is kept the config of the mode of the window position

you can locate it here or use filemon95 any way is ok

C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\Thinstall\Adobe Flash Player 11 ActiveX\%AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\XXXXX.default

look for localstore

and open it with notepad then search sizemode

there you will see the sizemode you have you can change for normal mode or maximized ect.

and if you want to modify how the portable program can run then after the scan then before Build

make this steps go here

C:\Program Files\Thinstall.VS\Captures\Adobe Flash Player 11 ActiveX\%AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\XXXXX.defaultlocalstore

then copy the localstore.RDF and there check there the mode you want and config then save it copy

then go here

C:\Program Files\Thinstall.VS\Captures\Adobe Flash Player 11 ActiveX\%ProgramFilesDir%\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\profilelocalstore

then paste it here an delete the old one

you can modify inside the Sanboxie too in case you want to do it

explore contents
Application Data
Adobe Flash Player 11 ActiveX
search sizemode

I will be away from my computer maybe for a week or more time

any way just before Build the portable program save the folder Captures in case you want to edit and test

if you don't like the portable just delete and with the new modifications make another is important to save the captures

folder for futures changes

also in the file localstore is the config for the issue you have about your bar

bests wishes thank you very much

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@ delldell

Ok thanks for the infos so far.

So I checked the localstore.RDF file and there I can see more than one of sizemode= so what is what now?2 times normal 1 time max.But I don't belive that this has something to do with my 2 problems which I have post before.

Strange thing: So now I have run again the new FF in Sandboxie and had the same 2 problem but now I changed a [any] setting and restart FF and now it starts again but this time it starts with a new start html page of mozilla and also some other settings was changed now?Whats this now?So does it mean I can just use the new FF without to change anything?Really strange again.

So I can only use the new FF without to change any setting but if I change any = all other settings are also changed now and keep so also if I change any setting again and restart. :(

browser.urlbar.clickSelectsAll is also set to true but the new FF does not do it!

So what is wrong now?Maybe it is not a good idea to make a portable if I had already installed the app on normal OS like I said before.Maybe I should try to delete all of FF and Add ons / Plugins on my OS [but how to find all of them on reg & hdd?] and then install it fresh again or what do you think?

Or did I choose any wrong option in the package.ini file?I just changed this manually to...



SandboxName=FireFox Portable

...the rest I let it default like it was.Maybe you know it or some more about it.


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