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My Chiptunes [ZX Spectrum]


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Actually, only one song but I converts to various formats :

- YM ZX Spectrum [Compressed]

- YM Amstrad Freq

- YM Pentagon Freq

- YM MSX Freq

- YM Atari ST Freq

- *.VTX Vortex

- *.PSG

- *.bin Binary Music

- inc my simple player 4 play ym6 Compressed

i hope u like :)


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nggae Arkos tracker pren klu pki Votex kyk pki notepad :(.

lak bikin tuts lg y bs2 aku g tidur pren :)

ini sj posisi fungsi sm kok dgn Arkos.

masih hangat aku bikin 15 menit lalu utk Wunder

Link -> Media Fire

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