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Windows 8 Tells Microsoft About Everything You Install, Not Very Secur


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Windows 8 Tells Microsoft About Everything You Install, Not Very Securely


Nadim Kobeissi may be young, but already the hacker and programmer has done more to fight for privacy and internet rights than most of us ever will. Now, he sheds light on the fact that Microsoft knows everything we install on our Windows 8 devices.

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It also keeps government from subeonoing multiple ISPs, they can just go to MS with a time and IP., or even a hardware signature.

Even scarier is all their new buffer overflow protections were circumvented and handed to metasploit inside 2 weeks of the first ISO being published..

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is that legal what there doing??

Yeah. Lawyers can also potentially get it from MS under US Code and some laws for clients.

The mistake the US makes is letting it be known they use the info. Countries like Russia and China, in the rare event they don't steal data, would do it through non-disclosure enforced with fast state-prosecutions. The US makes it easy for enemies to economically and socially defeat them; like is being done now systematically..

IMO** One way you can tell all OS and security vendors are all fraudulant marketers, is nobody does the obvious solutions like PE-loader M.A.C. and prompting all driver loading. Instead you get driver signing, UAC prompt, and ACLs which can be disabled from every security-level, and a ocean of subscription signature engines. This is why I have little sypathy for tanking companies.. ROP exploits shall continue for W8 and malware will use them all, their experts need experts XD

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