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[Help] Lock HDD + Deepfreeze = "Anti virus"?


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I'm trying with some malicious files. So i need to keep my system avoid infecting. I know some malicious code can break deepfreeze (DF), but not mine. So please read my ideal.

I have C, D and E where C is system, D and E are Data Files. I always copy/move/download so D and E can not be DF, i installed DF into C, so C can be safe now :) But if i run virus, it will copy itself into D and E, my Data can be infected, not good, i don't want that.

My pc can not run virtual machine, it so weak. So if i lock D and E by software, which need password to open, can virus infect my Data? If so, is there any way to keep my Data clean?

Thanks in advance.

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I would not trust any software that asks for password, some of them just hook into explorer.exe..

This is how I'm doing it:

drive C: system, program files - frozen. Few data folders (Skype history, browser history) are made writeable (redirected to drive Z: using Faronics Data Igloo).

drive F: tools, downloaded stuff. Writeable. Tools have backup on DVD-R. If virus infects them, I just delete entire folder and restore from backup. Downloaded stuff can be re-downloaded.

drive Z: movies, mp3, pdfs, my own source code. Writeable. There's nothing to infect, so no reason to freeze it.

P.S. If you want to play with malware, but cannot run VMWare/VirtualPC, try to use at least Sandboxie.

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It seem hard to use Redirect data solution because my free space almost full.

How do you backup on DVD-R? I don't get it. Do i have to run Nero each time i download something?

I afraid of using Sandboxie because Cracked Version uses .sys, i don't know what it does in my computer.

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