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Adobe Flash / SWF for system only


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Hi guys,

yes its me again with a pippi [longsock] question. :) So what should I have to download to get my flash / swf files running again in my KMPlayer?So I can't remember thats the reason why I have to ask now.On the Adobe page I can just find some flash instller (ca 3 MB) which install flash for my browser but not for my system.So is there also any installer [Very small size I mean like just a codec or etc so I dont need a big package which install useless Müll] also like with 3 MB which install some flash support for my system?If yes can you post a link for me please or attach it if I can also install it without internet-connection that would be the best.So I just found some standalone adobe player which are working but I wanna play also the files in my player too.Sorry for asking about this pippi stuff. :)

PS: Or is there also any package to get which can install all Adobe runtime pippi what I need for my system?You know some kind of all in one package of runtime only.So I think I just remember that I had installed a codec pack in the past [some years ago ACE package or something like this] where after the installing I could play swf files in the player without to install something else after but I dont wanna install a codec pack anymore.Anyway so I think you know what I mean right.

Thanks in advance of course.

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You can use this file. Run it one time, then whenever you double-click to .swf, it will auto open for you (no need open with)

I don't remember where/how i get it so this file maybe out of date.


And please scan before using it :)


Ah, if you have chrome, drag swf to it, you can view it easy :) Any browser with enabled flash can do that too, no need connect to internet

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The trick

Find any program that have everything About Flash

like: Flash MX 2004

now go inside

Search for Folder ( Players)

then just copy the SAFlashPlayer.exe

then when you want to see any SWF just open

the SAFlashPlayer.exe and select the swf movie

Withhout installing nothing

also in the folder (Release) are the installalers

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Hi again,

so thanks so far but I think you did understand me a bit wrong so I don't looking for a player so I am looking for the codec or runtime files for my XP system only which I can install so that I now can see my swf files in any player like KMPlayer etc you know?So I don't know what I have to install and I don't wanna install any other app or codecpack or something.Maybe I just need some dll files which I then can register on my system so that the player can play swf files again.You know something like a .ax file....


regsvr32 "C:\FLVSPlitter.ax"

...like this I mean you know?Now I can play flv files which used this decoder spliter like loading the file in VirtualDub for exsample etc.


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topic from the forum

The problem: KMPlayer shows strange behavior, is crashing or doesn't work as expected.

- Make sure that you have the latest stable version installed.

- Think about trying the latest beta version.

- Make sure that you are on an supported system and meet system requirements.

(DirectX 9.0, Flash for IE [needed for OpenAlbumArt only])

Note: Flash for Firefox or Opera etc won't work; at least not alone. It has been reported that both versions together are more stable as alone. So installing flash_player_ax.exe and flash_player.exe could improve system stability.

- Make sure that the KMPlayer supports whatever you want to do with it.

- Make sure that the KMPlayer shouldn't behave like that what you see.

Maybe it's wanted.

If you are sure that you match the points above or it worked earlier, but stopped working check and try the following:

- If you have updated the KMPlayer take a look at the release notes. Maybe a default setting has changed.

- You have changed a setting that causes the behavior. Undo the change and report if you think it's a bug.

- Reset the KMPlayer. That is the easiest way to remove most problems caused by corrupt settings. The button “Initialize All Presets” resets the player. The best way to reset the player is to delete the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KMPlayer. This makes sure that everything is gone. Note: If you save settings to INI you need to remove KMPCfg.ini to clear the settings.

- If just resetting the player did not solve the problem you should remove the KMPlayer completely (Remove HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KMPlayer and the folder you installed the KMPlayer in) and reinstall it to a new folder.

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Oh ha!Hhmmmm sound again very confusing for me. :)

Ok listen: So can you post some direct links what I have to download and install then?So on the Adobe page there is so much stuff and I am sure that I again choose the wrong stuff.

Another test: So now I have also test the MPlayer classic and there I get a message about "cant create shockwave control" so do you know what it means?

Anyway so it would be nice if you could check the Adobe page for this what I need that what you told to me on your pre post and then post the DL links for a quick DL.Direct DL links would be nice [just this what I need - SMALL size stuff please no Big O Big package etc].Just this what I need to install on my system XP SP3 and yes I use FF there is flash installed but I dont use the IE there I also dont know whether there is installed flash or not etc.

Thanks again so far delldell

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windows xp

well basically what your gonna need is just

Adobe Flash Player


choose to download and make sure don't

select the toolbar takes like 3 minutes to download

---Use Filemon95 locate and capture the whole process

--- or use sandboxie to capture the installation either way is ok juts

prepare to copy it

after installation make sure

that you have the flash ocx in case your anti virus

got it deleted


and also makes make sure in this place


now go inside the folder Flash

click FlashPlayerApp.exe

flash Player Settings Manager

go to Advanced

look for ActiveX Version

Plugin-in Version: Not installed

if you don have it the classic Error will be this

"cant create shockwave control"

the plugin

Uses the Internet Explorer Flash plugin to render swf files

when you try to play

to install the plugin


after that just use regsvr32

to register the files

I made a small movie

about some problems may you encaunter

I also made a small flash player to test(not included)


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@ delldell

Yes thank you very much for creating this movie so now I see what I have to do.So I just need this ocx file + register it. :) Ok this problem seems to be fixed now with your help so thanks again delldell.Swf videos does work now with any player and also not without this ocx file.

Ok now I have a another questions about Sandboxie and Firefox plugins.So I have a problem with my plugins in FireFox under Sandboxie so there I can see some double plugins which are active but the path of the plugins points to my normal windows folder but why?I show you....

FireFix 2.0+ in Sandboxie: about:plugins

Mozilla Default Plug-inDateiname: C:\Sand app\FirefoxPortable\App\Firefox\plugins\npnul32.dll
Default Plug-in = not activeShockwave FlashDateiname: C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\NPSWF32_11_3_300_262.dll
Shockwave Flash 11.3 r300 = activeShockwave FlashDateiname: C:\WINOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\NPSWF32.dll
Shockwave Flash 10.3 r183 = activeShockwave for DirectorDateiname: C:\WINDOWS\system32\Adobe\Director\np32dsw.dll
Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version = acticeetc

Above you can see 2 times the shock plugin is active so the 11.x version I have installed on my normal system where I also use a FF sometimes and in the Sandboxie I have installed also shock plugin 10.x which is also here active now but the FF in Sand should only use this plugin 10.x but why does it use both?I could rename the 11.x plugin then it only used the 10.x plugin but then my FF on normal system can not access the 11.x plugin.

So now the question is...

1. How can I enable and disable plugins in FF 2.0+?So there is no options how I can do this quickly so I can just rename the plugins but this is not the best way.

2. How can I change the plugin path for my FF which I use in Sandboxie?So I have also installed the flash plugin in the same Sandboxie where my FF is but the path are pointing to my normal system but why?So I have also installed FF on my normal system.

So the main problem is that if I have installed flash etc plugin on my normal system then my FF in Sandboxie does also access this files so how can I disable it in Sandboxie so that my FF in Sandboxie just access the files in this Sandboxie alone?You know what I mean?Is there a way where I can set it on / off etc?Maybe you know also a solution for this problem.Would be very nice too of course.Thanks again.


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to disable Add-ons ( like the ActiveX Control Flash XX_ocx)

Internet explorer

1 internet properties

2 programs

3 Manage add-ons

4 click Shockwave Flash Object and click ( down click Disable )



1 Help

2 Restart with Add-ons Disabled

3 now in the safe mode small window check (Disable all add-ons )

4 click the button Caption (Make Changes and Restart )

now to Test go this


you are going to see to the right

that the Plugin is disabled


1 Sandbox

2 DefaultBox

3 Sand Box Settings

4 Applications

5 Web Browser

6 Fire Fox

7 Add-ons

bye hope you fix it

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Hi delldell,

1 Help

2 Restart with Add-ons Disabled | There is no menu for this in FF 2.0

Also in my FF under Sandboxie there is no path shown to Sandboxie....

Dateiname: C:\WINOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\NPSWF32.dll
Shockwave Flash 10.3 r183

But this dll above is located in Sandboxie...


So if I rename this dll in Sandboxie then in the About:Plugins the shockwave plugin will no more shown.


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download the new version

of Firefox then your gonna see the Option

Help then Restart with Add-ons Disabled

so with this option you can save time

and no need for change just the addons


I was searching for an old version of FirexFox in my HD

I found one but is in Spanish

so the option is this


1 Tools

2 Complementos (Add-ons)

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hmmmmmm so I use FF German version and there is not this menu to see.So your FF is lower and has this menu?Strange or?Yes the problem is I use this older FF so its working faster than the newer FF version [scrolling and loading etc].



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nah I don't wanna use this newer FF 13 they are all working too slow for me so there is no compare to FF 2.x.Ok I found now also your FF version but there is also not restart with add ons menu!Also in the Add ons list I just see Add ons and Themes but no plugins etc.

Ok wait,so do you know the FIRST FF version xy which used this restart with add ons disabled?Version 3.x or etc I dont know so maybe you can find it out and tell so that I can test this version then.

Ok listen,so I have also a FF 3.6.28 Legacy and there is also not this menu to find like on your picture but in the Add ons is also a Plugin list where I can disble / enable plugins.

Also I have FF 11 there I can see a menu to start the FF with disabled add ons but this version 11 is working totaly slow for me so that brings no fun to surf on internet with this version you know.

Or do you know any modern FF 11+ custom version which is working so fast like FF 2.x?


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the old versions of Firefox were working good

because the main factor was the performance and speed

to make FF customs of new versions

the best way is experiment with the

values in the config

just write on a Notepad the values

that showed good improvement

in the address bar type (about:config)


Modify Values


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Oh!The whole config!?! :)

So I can not check all commands and values manually so for this I would need a long time.So is there not file where all commands and values are stored which I can copy / paste into the other file?Some easy quick way or so?


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prefs.js in the user profile stores the modified preferences

use the windows search to locate the file

also there are more with the search option of windows will be ok

also the this link for old versions

Hacking Firefox: The secrets of about:config:


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These links might help you, try it...

http://mozilla.cdn.l...etup 13.0.1.exe

http://get.adobe.com/shockwave/ (Free)

http://www.flashplayerpro.com/ (Shareware)

http://helpx.adobe.c...r-versions.html (Free)

http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ (Free)

http://www.adobe.com.../downloads.html (Free)

http://www.standaloneflashplayer.com/ (Free)

Thanks Ted!

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i feal i need to say something about this swf files you can use swf opener once installed in your pc hi will recognise all swf files and when you click on flash file hi will automatic open that file and yes all swf files will one icon like swf opener of course swf opener is free.and i forget swf opener is for system i mean for all swf files. here is image.


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