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Youtube Online Download?

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I see Google are trying to shut this site down along with a few others which is a shame, it has been most useful on occasions...


yeah...but now using a firefox extension with good results so far :) (site below has a extension for firefox)

also seems you dont need the xtrension to do the same thing...


these types of sites are like roaches..you kill one another pops out and so on

also a new vid grabber site (same company as before i think)


cheers mates


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I see Google are trying to shut this site down along with a few others which is a shame, it has been most useful on occasions...


Using my method with antvideo downloader and that attchment that I uploaded here a few post up ...you still can .....

This Brought Back Memories http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfpQ4rtGtpM

I love It :clap2:

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Just Like to mention ....

This Guy uploads full episods of State of Trance -Armin Van Buuren

So Many .....


LOL Hours of goa trance (PsyTrance)

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Hi guys,

yes its me again with some questions about VLC player etc [don't wanna create a new topic now].


1. So I would like to use VLC as player for internet videos and TV streams.

2. I need help to do this. :)

So I was searching on the internet and found "how to..." videos on youtube about VLC player + TV / streams & videolinks to play or stream them in the VLC itself but nothing does work except if I enter a direct video link then it play the video but not the short youtube link for exsample.Why not?

Does someone of you using VLC + stream etc to watch in VLC and does it work for you?So if you have more idea about this tool + how to use it correctly with the internet stuff then you can tell or show me.

Maybe you can post some stream & video links which I can enter in VLC to see something.

Here a exsample page: http://www.alex-berlin.de/popup/livestreamtv

If you go on this page then you can see the stream but if I enter the link in VLC then it happen nothing for me!=?Why?If I check the html source page then I can see this infos.

{ type: "flash",
src: "/swf/alexplayer002.swf",
config: {
file: "mp4:alexlivestream_2",
streamer: "rtmpe://alex-stream.rosebud-media.de/lblive/",
provider: "rtmp",
"hd.file": "mp4:alexlivestream_2",
"hd.state": false,
"hd.fullscreen": true
{ type: "html5",
config: {
file: "http://alex-stream.rosebud-media.de:1935/live/alexlivestream/playlist.m3u8"

So normaly I wanna just enter a short link without to create a xy link with some infos of the source code!So what do I wrong here?So I remember earlier I heard some radio station music and there I had just to download any playlist file of xy channel which I just start in winamp and it has played the internet radio without any problems but why does it not work so easy with TV etc streams?Would be nice if you can help again with this problem.

PS: Do you know also some stream links of TV channels which I can use in VLC?So I found just some TV streams just to watch on the internet again.... :(


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You can try this web-video-downloader.com it is really good.

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