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Youtube Online Download?

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so I have just a simple question about how to download the video again from this page.So in the past I did always use a online downloader where you can paste the music video link to get the direct downloadlink of diffrent video format and quality option [low medium or high etc] and for this I used the page "tubegrip" but the page is no more alive or has changed to a downloader app which you need to download but I dont wanna install a new app again.So now I am looking for new alternative page to tubegrip but I can't find any other page so the other pages which I found want all to install some extra Java plugin etc [some useless stuff] but I dont wanna install this new cheese.Also the old tubegrip page has not needed this extra Java.So do you know any other page which I can use without this extra Java and where I can also just enter the video link to get some download links?If not then do you maybe know some older working youtube greasemonkey scripts for FF 2.x if yes then it would be nice if you could post the links here.

Thanks you

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Hey NikolayD,

coolio! :)

The new page work exactly so how I want it. :)

Great new page and the download is also very quick!

Thank you

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The best one out there (next to programs such as KeepVid)

/>http://clipnabber.com/clipnabber_classic.php (will download from many, many filehosts)

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so I think I have no more installed .netframework on my system.....[is there a way to check this very qucik whether netframe is installed or not or which version etc?]

clipnabber does show me the video but there is no download options to see so I just get some message about Java timeout or something. :)

Thanks also for this hints guys.


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you should be able to see all installed .NET versions here:

C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework || C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64



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hey there LCF-AT,

I personally use Ant.com Video Downloader ...it is a FireFox add on they have a version for IE as well

Don't forget that things always change so they issue lots of updates ..... Works on most porn places, just saying... as well as you tube ....


There is another youtube down loader from them in case youtube has changed something as they often do ...just an .exe nothing to install works amazing http://download.cnet.com/Ant-Youtube-Downloader/3000-2071_4-75622713.html

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Hey wunder,

nice tipps so far. :) Thank you too of course.

Ok the tool also need NetFrameWork so maybe I install Net.. again on my system.So now I have just test the add on for FF and test it a little and it seems to work well for the moment.No problems with youtube [very good] but on other pages I can't see the video on the page anymore so there I press play and it pop up the download window for the video so I can not see it anymore on the page itself.Anyway so this add on seems to be also a good alternative.So it also has a own player too!!! :) Have test the player too + the video which I had download and there I have a playing problem which I don't really understand.So normaly its so that almost all videos on the internet are playing slow for me [hangs or stops or jerky etc] so watching a vide on net is very lousy for me BUT the same videos are playing normaly after a download + playing them in my VLC or KMPlayer without problems so the performance is ok so now the big question.Why does the video play with such performance problems in my browser [FF 2.0 / FF 3.6 / FF 11] [yes I use 3 browsers]?Do you know the reason for this and do you have a solution how to play the videos with the same speed performance into the browser too?Do you have some hints for this or special about:config commands which I can change or add with xy values?So I just thought in the past that the problem for this is my low level PC system but it seems not be reason for this so I found also some internet posts where other people have the same trouble with much better systems and video playing performance trouble you know.And now I test your plugin which has this own player inside to play the downloaded video into and there I have also the same playing trouble.So this is really a total bad problem but for this I can't find any good solution.

PS: Yes I also test other browsers and FF without add ons etc but this does also not help to get the playing performace faster.


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It sounds to me like it is the internet speed and not the actual PC

It depends a lot on the type of internet connection that you have and were you are too.

Please Google "check my internet speed"

I will get different sites that your area ....you might even get your own provider's site to test your speed ....

Watch this

Also If you have wireless router make sure that your neighbors and not using your connection ...a lot of people hack those modems and piggy back on other peoples signal ....

Finally for very popular sites that get watched a lot ( Like "tna filx" free porn site ) will be brutally slow because of the traffic

also with all the pop ups I use a script blocker add on that allows me to chose what I want to upload to my screen

you have to allow the video to show http://noscript.net/ ( I do not know if you would like this or not since you manually control what loads for each page you browse )

I don't need to tell you that if you are not an admin on your system and you are using a guest account that slows things down too ...

Finally I always go to Start -> Run -type "msconfig" and go to start up and see what things load on your system at start up that slows things down considerably .... tick off the things that are not necessary ...lots of software now a days are set to load with start up and run in the background even if you do not use them !

I hope this helps some

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@ Blah

Thanks for the link but I also want the video + music. :)

@ wunder

So I have a fast internet connection almost 16.000 speed.Downloads etc are going very quick but watching videos on the internet like youtube is very bad.So the video get loaded also quick in temp so I can see it on the load bar but playing the video makes problem.It play jerky & hangs or stops then it loads again for some seconds etc and to watch high def videos can I also forget completly there it plays 1 Frame per second or less [only in brwoser of course].Also I use cable without wireless and also have disabled wireless signal.Also my system just load very less programs at startup so there is no problem.So I also have this problems after a fresh install of XP.

So there must be a problem of the flash plugin maybe [buggy coded or trashy] so I think or whatever.So if you have some other hints about the video playing stuff etc then tell me or do you know some other browser which is playing videos faster etc than FF?Did also try chrome and others but they can I also forget = same bad.

All in all everythink what used any flash on a homepage does slow my browser very much and this is very bad for me so on some pages it does load almost endless and scrolling etc is very slow on that pages etc.


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I was wondering if you let too many cookies in ...so If the site is full of promotional sites ...you have to wait if until all those upload

Also have you tried a portable browser for this ...I like the older version of fire fox10 ..http://www.filestube.com/6yLJHN896NiQ635pwnyFTI/Firefox-10-0-1-Final-Portable.html

( I have not tried that link my fire fox portable is at home ...I am not home right now)

See if an older version gives you the same problem ....

also if you want to try other browsers ...try portable once that you do not install and get delete after ...just Google the browser name and portable

and how about your adobe flash player is it up to date ?

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here is portable software that you can drag the music videos that you down load form you tube and make into mp3

Click cancel when it ask you if you want the updated version ( or it will download a new one for you).... also it takes a little while to load so no need to double click run more than once

try it with this song [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX3k_QDnzHE

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Hi For a long time have i coding in Masm32 a Youtube downloader

This Download FLV,MP3 and MP4 from a Tube link

You can download it by Winasm.net is it open source

I not sure whether it is still working Youtube change often the download id´s

Old download link "h__p://www.youtube.c...deo_id=%s&t=%s"

Is this not working must you change it in my Sourceltongue.gif


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That is a Download id for youtube you must format it :disgust:


But i have test My old downloader it works not any more you must change in my source

the get_video id for the new youtube download link

Google for youtube get_video?

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I have say

"You can download it by Winasm.net is it open source"

Complete Thread on WInasm.net

But you must change in my source this youtube download Url

and this can you find with Firebug

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No Problem about the topic. :)

So I don't need a converter etc just looking for a solution to get the video watching on the net working normaly etc but it seems there is nothing to find which can fix this problem.So I don't wanna download any video just to watch it on my system normaly so this would be very stupid for me.Anyway so I think in that case I just have bad luck. :{

About scripting: So I do also use Quick Java add on since a long time and normaly I have Java always disabled if possible so with enabled Java is also all working a lot slower in my browser's.

Test: So did also try a add on called Flash Video Replacer there I can let play youtube & co in a extern player but this need again some extra time to load the player but it will then play in normal speed without jerky etc.Here I made some pics.Problem there is that seeking for & backward need a lot time so there it works faster in browser again.Great!






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thanks for the hint about the Video Accelerator so I did download and install it to test this app but it does not run after installing.If I start it then it just pop up the symbol in the tray for 2 seconds and then it closed again so only the service keeps running for this app thats all!Again no luck.

But the idea is a good one about a accelerator to watch videos normaly into a browser.So I also have a download accelerator app which I just use if I wanna download a file very quick with 100 % speed.So also I don't know why there are pages where you can download files on normaly way with a browser where it just download the file with some like 100 KB/s and if you use the download accelerator then it download the file with 100% of your internet speed where you have the file in some seconds and if you use the browser then you can wait a long time!

Anyway so if you know also some other apps or add ons like this Video Accelerator then you can tell too so maybe one of them its working on my system maybe.Or you find also some other hints about tuning or whatever in the future then you can tell me too. :) Thanks again so far.


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Teddy Rogers

if u ever want to just grab just the audio use this site...its what i use




I see Google are trying to shut this site down along with a few others which is a shame, it has been most useful on occasions...


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