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Need a little help


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Hi all ... I need a little help with a small bitmap if anybody has some time or is bored ....

In side Shadow_Bitmap.zip there is a file Shadow_Bitmap.bmp ... I need two more created 1... with 2 rounded corners on the inside square and the other with all 4 corners rounded .....

I tried to edit it and recreate it ...but I don't know how they created that blur ...it needs to be like that.....

I am not a graphic-er so there are people here that can do that in seconds

Thank you

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Hard to understand what exactly you need.

Here the file with layers,

Change the blur how you need using Outer Glow in Layer Style panel.

but what's the problem with rounding, I could not understand, sorry.


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Thank you so much I will try this tonight ......

Also how rude of me ...sorry I am using it for creating a shadow

.... I edited the "Shadow.asm" Here:


stShadowClient RECT <14,11,47,46> ; <14,14,46,46> Makes a perfect rect but I am compensating for the


other wise you see the corners of the Shadow layered window.....

So I was hoping that with a rounded corner bitmap I don't have to do that... and it would be nicer

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@ Diver, Thank you very much ...it works fine ,,,,

It is just a matter of me trying different radius on the round corner square tool ( I finally found that shape) , and playing with it to adjust it ....

Thank you again smilie3.gif

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