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Rename Tuts4You?

Super Mario

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Super Mario

I have this "strange" idea/suggestion... to rename this website/forum to something more... "serious" or "stylish" name. Don't get me wrong, but "Tuts4You" seems kinda... "unprofessional"?.. I know when this portal was created, it might have been ideal name, but nowadays it is more than "tuts" forum, isn't it? and "4you" part sounds like a cheap advertisement biggrin.png

It would be good if users could suggest their names and Ted then would choose the one he likes most.

What do you think?

P.S.: I know reversers are too conservative people but I dare to suggest anyway biggrin.png

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Why not Google should change the name to -> Jumbojet.com (Got lot of things)

Why not Yahoo should change the name to -> coco-cabana.com (Full of lot of stuff)

If they cant, so I think no need. Its my opinion.

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I don't disagree that the analogy was horrible, it illustrated the point of: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

What is wrong with the name how it is? Tuts4You works fine how it is, what real need is there for the forum to 'professionalize' itself when it already exists how it is, just as popular as ever?



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Yeah! It seems to be a confused state to decide which new name is suitable for this forum. Tuts4you seems to be a brand new image in the world of Reverse Engineering for both Professional and Newbie Reversers (Reversers/programmers/analysers). Perhaps, Ted knew that due to unavailability of domain www.tutorialsforyou.com or whatever, he managed to shorten the name to www.tuts4you.com or anything impressed him to do so. Nowadays tuts4you not only a community/forum but also a Place of Learning.

i.e. tutorials=tuts (Shortened)

for=4 (Mostly used nowadays)

you=you (Specially addressed to the Reversers/programmers/analysers to the forum)

So, Literally speaking or as name signifies tuts4you is specially designed for or addressed to newbies as well as the professional ones.

P.S. Super Mario, If you have already thought a new name suitable for this forum, please let it know/bring notice to everyone by posting here. "Tuts4you: The Reversers'/Reversers' Ultimate Playground/institution/institute"



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even if he wanted to change the name he couldn't... "tuts4you" is like a brand name and I would imagine this brand name would carry some value based on its users, tuts4you has been going for awhile now and therefore is not justified to just change names..

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I'll have to agree with the fact that the name does not perfectly fit the community but at this point it isn't convenient to change it. Most of the members have been here for quite a long time so everyone's grown fond of it, pretty much what Departure mentioned.

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Well, 10 replies and all of them opposing You conservative people

Sorry Dear, There is no sense of "conservatism". Everyone wants/likes new changes in ideas or fashion. But applying here to www.tuts4you.com seems to be worthless. The ten ones above never opposed to accept new changes instead they have their ideas until have a name that fits/replaces better the tuts4you.

Again, If you have already thought a new name that fits/replaces better the tuts4you forum, please bring it to Ted's notice.



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Teddy Rogers

I remember back in early 2003 talking with Cektop on a choice of name for the site. Back then it was only for hosting my tutorials and I wanted something short and unique sounding (at that time) all the other "4", "you" and similar sounding domain names seemed to follow over the coming years. Cektop disagreed on the choice saying it sounded a little lame and whilst I agreed apart from the two reasons mentioned there was a little more behind the choice - it was picked for a particular reason.

Over the years there were a couple of other brief discussions for changing the name but its not so easy giving up on it now that it is established. Some people think it doesn't reflect the type of site (or scene it occupies) but back then when I created it I didn't imagine it would still be around nearly a decade later serving the reverse engineering scene in its current form.

If there is a name you think would be better suited I am always interested hearing it. I can't promise things will change but it may make for an interesting discussion and... you just never know... :)


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Hi Teddy, well, my sincerely opinion, just a though i guess, ""if something it's not broken, so why do you try to fix it?"" ...for me. the forum, it's perfect, has a name that all we know, easy to remember, ...i cant find the reason to change for a new brand name, but maybe for other friends, the name looks some "unprofessional" However, everyone it's free to have an opinion, and will be always respected. ...Again, for me. Tuts4you, it's an icon, and the place where many we learn for the very first time about reverse code engineering :D. TUTS4YOU Always.!

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I just know this forum at the end of 2008, at the time I was looking for RCE tutorials on google with keywords "Tuts RCE" stuck in tuts4you.com, and just joined a year ago :cc_chinese:
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