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Who knows a good portable app creater?


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Hello again,

so I have just a small little questions again.

So do you know any good tools to create own portable app's?So I use some normal tools [no system tools etc] where I also use some special settings & plufins / add on's etc like the browser for exsample and where I don't want to setup the settings again and again after a new install process.Just want to make some of my tools portable + basic plugins etc all at once so that I just need to start them later without to to do anything after.So do you know some tools which can do this?So I also checked the Internet and found one tool called Cameyo-1.7.634.exe which can do this so I also saw a video too.So I tried this tool but.....yes you will know it already....it does not work for me!Why?I just started the tool and it says it want to make a system snapshot before installing xy app.I said ok then make the snapshot and the tool start working.....and working......working.....almost 30 minutes later the tool is still working on the snapshot!A few minutes later I got a error message about my pagefile [not enough free space or something] and the app closed now!So I check my filesize on HDD and see the app has created some temp [whatever] file with more than 300 MB!GREAT!Ok I see this tool is trash for me.Need to much time and mystic free space for creating a snapshot or a copy of my whole OS so I think. :) Anyway so this is going direct in the trash-can.So now I am looking for a other FASTER working tool which can create your apps+settings+plugins+etc to your own portable app but I can't find some other tools.So do you know some of them which I can try without to get again any time or freespace trouble?Maybe you can tell me etc.

Shank Foo ;)

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I did work for a while on portable app. In my knowledge, with the fastest way, you can use ThinApp, the old version is Thinstall. Just have a few click, ThinApp will do the rest for you. An other is Xenocode, i saw some videos (on youtube) but never download and use it, it has the same ability with ThinApp. You can search on youtube too, some tricks can be use.

The lastest and slowest, but should be the best. This is do it yourself. Using TotalUninstall to capture your file, add/delete what you want (also can do with ThinApp). Look around to see your file and registry key, what is needed what is not. Choose your setup creator, "pack" your all file, write your own code to add registry key when start app, delete temp file/key when it exits. You can see this kind of portable through PortableApps.com.

The first 2 softs are commercial and need work harder if you want to create file > 100MB (starting very slow). The last is take your time but you'll have more exprience :D

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Hi All,

ok thanks for the answers so far.So I see that its not so easy like I tought before to create some quicky portable apps by myself. :)

Yes of course I could download some portable apps on xy pages but I wanna also add and include some of my settings / files too etc.

spoon-net does it need NetFrameWork?I hope not.

Ok so I will test some apps now maybe I will find something "easy to use" for me. :)


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ThinApp is definitely most stable. Steep learning curve, but you can "add and include some of my settings / files".

Spoon.NET - quite good choice for .NET apps, can be used for x86 too. I prefer ThinApp, however.

Molebox/Molebox Ultra/Enigma Virtual Box - possible to use but can be awkward.

Cameyo, Boxed App - haven't tried myself.

Some web-teams make "portable apps" using Nullsoft installer. It's more like launcher that does "drop files-setup registry-execute software-delete files-delete registry", but it's the easiest to learn.

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but it's the easiest to learn.

LCF isn`t the biggest fan of high level languages ;)

Most portable apps allow changing the settings. What exactly do you want to do? :)

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Ok listen,so I did never create a own portable app so I have no idea how to do this so I just saw some videos about it and the only which I undersand was this about to use the Cameyo tool.

Start Cameyo

Install your app

Install plugins etc

Make your settings

Stop Cameyo

Cameyo creates the portable file = Done

Ok this is simple enough for me to undersand. :) But the Cameyo just failed for me.So is there any simple & fast working tool which I can use which can do this too?Freeware I mean and no large size tool.So I mean really simple so I don't want to studdy many hours to know how to use xy tool so I just looking for some easy tool you know.


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Start Cameyo Install your app Install plugins etc Make your settings Stop Cameyo Cameyo creates the portable file = Done

It is! All portable creator work like that.

But Some apps can not be portable automatic by tool, that why your app fail. I think you should look deeper and find out why it fail, or just download another tool to compare the result, to be sure it can be portable or not.

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Another +1 for ThinApp from me. Used it 4 or 5 years ago. It was great then as Thinstall and I'd hope has got better/more stable since.

I have a virtual machine setup expressly for this purpose. It's lightening fast and a pretty safe bet when the first (and only) thing installed is ThinApp.

Have used it with programs that provide a COM server - the server works just fine when the app is running, and doesn't exist when the app has exited.

E.g Syllabus Plus, MS Office 2007 and MS Office 2003

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