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XP Speed-Up questions

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@ _roadster_

Ok I will test it to remove this 3 party entry which is from TuneUp so I think.

So where do you see it in my boot log that it wait for a few minutes after...?

"Treiber geladen \??\C:\Programme\Sandboxie\SbieDrv."

So today I had to try to disable all AV files + drivers etc with autoruns but I could not disable some drivers & services beause some access right!So I also enabled the rights into registry but it did also not work!So in this case I have now de-installed my AV complete [everything + AV cleaner tool] and now the AV is away.I did restart the PC and now I get the access in my desktop a bit earlier than before.So now it need ca: 1 minute to show me all of my desktop + 1 minute to load the rest in the task below etc so all in all it need now ca: 2 minutes from the first view of my desktop till all was loaded / finished.So it a bit faster now but also not perfect and not like after a fresh installing where it just takes a few seconds. smile.png

So I had also a look into the event viewer like said and there I can see one entry which show a error about the "NetBT | 4307" [maybe I should set my router again on auto mode / IP data etc] and the rest is ok.

So do you have some more hints how to set the XP system etc?


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Yeah I end up using a clean uninstaller to remove those that prevent access to the registry. I notice it's mostly with AV companies. ESET's is PITA to remove. Have to use one of their uninstall tools from safe mode to do anything to a corrupt install. Most of the time you can get these locked entries in safemode. I've used PE boot disk and offline registry editors on some that are being difficult.

The NetBT error has to do with netbios over tcpip, file and print sharing on the network. Could be a naming issue on the network, bad lmhosts file entry, corrupt tcpip or winsock... If you are really having networking issues, I'd be looking at the firewall log for blocked entries. This was quite common with people wanting to block file sharing ports but were blocking it at the application popup instead causing the PC to hang. Only have one firewall enabled/installed right? Noticed you still have some entries trying to load Online Armor sys files.

Quite often the winsock or tcpip stack can get corrupted. firewalls, tweak programs, driver updates, gremlins. This can be related to the NetBT error also. After XP SP2 MS added a cmd line tool that is able to reset these. the command is 'netsh int ip reset logfile.txt' the logfile.txt is optional. the other is 'netsh winsock reset' If you run any of these you will lose any custom settings tweaks you did for your network. This will remove any registry setting for your network cards and reset it back to defaults. Here are some links on MS about it. tcpip..http://support.microsoft.com/kb/299357 winsock..http://support.microsoft.com/kb/811259 read up about using the netsh tool and be prepared to reinstall your network card drivers and XP networking if something goes wrong.

The NetBT error could be causing a hang but I can't say I've ever seen networking error cause the type of delay you are seeing. Multiple firewall installed that are conflicting, that I have seen it bring a PC to a crawl after the networking services start.

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I had one time that problem

then I went inside the BIOS

reseated the BIOS and

optimize the cpu config

inside the bios the are options

how fast your cpu can go

and also how fast you pc can run

to get the best Performance than Appearance

so the steps above solved my problems

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