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I'm sorry, what?


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Reminds me of this:

Maybe I should start writing my tutorials like this: "Please do NOT place a breakpoint at 00401305, because that would be the OEP, and we most certainly DON'T want to go there BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE ILLEGAL".

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Such news make me want to relocate to some peaceful tropical island which has no such insane lawmakers..

I wonder how good is internet connection in The Seychelles... ;)

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kao, you can drop by the middle east any time, the only rule here is "There are no rules" :D

also I'm sure you will love camel racing !

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What's the deal with all the lock picking tools? They're all legal, mind you.

You can pull out the same argument here... what if I lost my password and need to hack back into my own software cc_confused.gif

In general, most politicians don't seem to be aware that cause != effect.

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@Killboy: depends very much on the state where you're in. In some states you'll get a fine, in some states only licensed locksmiths are allowed to own them (see: http://en.wikipedia....ng#Legal_status)

The proposal also targets tools used to commit offences: the production or sale of devices such as computer programs designed for cyber-attacks, or which find a computer password by which an information system can be accessed, would constitute criminal offences.


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