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HighFidelity Blk (Dup2Skin incl. PSD)


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File Name: HighFidelity Blk (Dup2Skin incl. PSD)

File Submitter: Tracer

File Submitted: 20 Mar 2012

File Category: dUP Skins

Polished Black Skin for all, and a unfinished "soft Meets dirty'n'distorted" Chiptune for TeamREPT (but as Pre-Version good enough for the demo.exe). Feel free to Change the Skin in a way you like, a PSD-FILE is included (I have almost no time at the moment, so the PSD-File is a bit Messy at this time, just use the "Autoselect" tool in PS to handle this Chaos ;)

Click here to download this file

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I am little bit late to the party, almost everything finished and all have been gone out. Thanks bro and waiting for an abstract design from you with an elegant style. keep it up.


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abstract design & elegant style... brother Malaya2100,

i am not salvadore dali, but maybe i try sometimes\something like that :)

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