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Do you know any "backup target XY tool" etc?


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so I have a little problem where I need to find a solution if possible.

Problem: So I have installed a few apps on my system which I want to backup so that I can restore the backup on a fresh installed OS without to install the app again.So is there a tool which can do this with any installed app?

So the problem is that I have installed one app which is a bit large and it also used some drivers too.So I don't have the installer package anymore so I just use the installed target now but I want to refresh my OS with a new install but if I do this then the app is away + all datas from registry & system folders etc.

So I just need a tool where I can choose maybe this app XY and then the tool should read this app data + all other data which is used + driver data etc so any data and now this tool should maybe create a backup installer etc so that I can use this installer again on a fresh system [same OS just fresh installed] which copy all data of this app on my new OS so that I can use it again.So you know what I mean right?

Now the big question.Do you know any tool which can do this?So I only can find some portable maker apps on the internet and one tool called Driver Backup but this can't help me with my apps which I want to backup.

So I hope that you maybe know any tool which I can use [freeware if possible] to get my tools XY to a new installer or backup-installer etc.Something like this you know.If you know some then it would be nice if you could post a reply here with some infos maybe etc. :)

Thank you

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I'll rewrite your question: "Given a single system snapshot after software XY installation, I need to know which files/registry keys were installed by software XY". Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? smile.png It can't be done.

Total Uninstall and Revo uninstaller work by comparing 2 snapshots - before and after installation. That's the only reliable method. "Forced uninstall" features are based on heuristics and usually miss some obscure files/settings - it's not critical for uninstall, but quite important for reinstall. smile.png

Few ideas you could try:

  • If you have XP and System Restore Points before/right after XY installation, Mandiant has a free tool to analyze them and locate changes.
  • Some programs (MSI based installers) keep full installer copy under C:\WINDOWS\Installer\
  • Trial and error - try to locate obvious files/drivers/settings -> copy to vmware -> see if it works -> find what is missing -> repeat
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Maybe try running a registry monitor and file monitor and see what files and registry it uses, copy those into new OS and test before deleting old OS

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