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Windows 7 RemoveWat question.


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Good day.

I want to ask for help for the following:

I have a laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium, it's not mine, and the owner ran RemoveWat on it.

Only thing The person didn't activate the Windows first. So, the Windows is not activated and Windows Activation Technology is removed.

What can I do to make this copy of Windows activated? There is a option on RemoveWat which is named RestoreWat, but this person don't know which or what RemoveWat version/product is used.

Is it safe to run RestoreWat, install a license key and run RemoveWat again? Or will the laptop BSOD? Or spontanious system errors wiil occur in worse case senario?

Don't want to install a whole new Windows, if this can be fixed rather easily.

Hope someone here can help me out.

To Teddy: If this post is inaproperiate please trash it.


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It's written in .NET, so you can decompile it and see how it works. Removal is just replacing some files, stopping services/scheduled tasks.

Restore - recover files from backups and start some services/scheduled tasks again.

So, latest version of RemoveWAT should do `restore` just fine.

However, I really suggest that you restore original files and then use some better methods to "activate" Windows. :)

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Hi kao,

thanks bro. I think you are right.

By restoring the original files: You mean: Do a system Restore?

I first wanna try without this. I don't know how long ago they removed the WAT and with system restore sometimes programs installed later don't work anymore. Thingy is: This person has no computer knowledge, so reinstalling, after restoring the system, would take from a distance( 1000 km) a hell of a lot time, auch!

I downloaded the latest version of RemoveWat, so I think this should cover older versions?

The person lent the laptop to relatives and they decided to help out a bit, only thing they didn't activate Windows first, so the Desktop is no matter what only Black Screen and those annoying text with" You have been a victim, etc." is alway's in the screen.

My plan:

1. RestoreWat.

2. Activate using on of my genuine serials.(If the serial doesn't get accepted, due to RemoveWat issues, I will activate using a DAZ Loader.

3. Done!

Any additions, maybe, I forgot?

Have a nice day.


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Thanks Sanchez,

I am not totally sure what you mean.

WAT is removed and the person who removed this, forgot to activate Windows first.

I think for me, it is better to uninstall with RemoveWat uninstaller, run the DAZ Windows 7 loader and done!

I then even can remove the WAT again, if I would want, but as I see now, only unneccessary trouble, so I leave it one te pc.

have a nice day

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