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nFO Logo and iD


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nice! Tell me, are you all doing hands or convert? I tried Ascgen dotnet - generates not pretty, but pre painted in Photoshop fine, but in ASTSII can not move. What advise?

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Yes, I made it only in ASCII Art Studio by Torchsoft, not used any custom logo using Photoshop. As far as to your question, as of my knowledge I would like to clarify that it's quite impossible to move or drag your Ascii art or work parts here and there within the Worksheet or framework, if it is done, it will overwrite that parts which will lead to bad effects or odd style after a lots of efforts and work done, instead you can manually move your art parts in Notepad or GetDiz (A Notepad Replacement) by Outertech by pressing Space Bar to your desire. Hope it would help to work better. Thank you!



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