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Windows Has a New Err... Windows Logo...

Teddy Rogers

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:-) it's... hm, i dont know, my english is ****ty and i have no right words for this peace of "§$%&/(. it is not even a good minimal style... maybe a MS typical beta.gif version, but i dont belive this... since we are talking about this "logo" it MUST be ART (salvadore dali would have been sure fire and flame for this complex, surreal, difficult & abstract thing) - or the answer is quiet simple as the logo, we are all stupid and microsoft is the smartest, it must be... (

After i wrote to much about this thing, now finally lay myself back and think some hours about this masterpiece of blue, i am so happy LOL!

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It looks like crap, but still better than anything before it. Fits nicely with the new Metro app monochrome style.

Monochrome is the new black, it's everywhere now it seems.

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