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Patch'n'Keygen Skin Elements incl. Ps-Styles (Template-PSD)


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This Template (5,4 MB) comes with some Basic Patch\Keygen Elements & a Hand full of sorted PS-Styles (more "element" optimated instead of text-fx)


- Take some Elements of your Choice and resize\rearrange it in the way you like it.

- Now load the included Style-Pack (or use your owns), click on a element Layer and check out some styles (Like Glass, Glossy, Metall) - do this on each Layer you have - just experiment...(with or without shadow in the FXlayer-Section etc.) Now (5-10 Minutes later) you have a "individuall" Patch-Skin...(Not really "Elite" but when it's should be go fast and you are time limited, i think this Template is ok smile.pngHow to install the PS-Styles? - read included .nfo

sorry 4 my bad english, cheers...



If you want to see a Skin from this Template in Action: Spotlight Dup2Skin


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Thank You Tracer, This Template Very Helpfull for Making A Nice Skin in just Minuteclap2.gif

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