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Online File Storage Dead?

Teddy Rogers

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What with Megaupload offline... today I clicked through to download a file from FileSonic only to be greeted with...


That bust of Megaupload certainly rocked a boat or two...



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I don't think file hoster will die out. They are still much better and more secure than p2p (like torrent). Probably the biggest players will disappear, but who cares about them? There are plenty alternatives.

List of known filehosts in trouble these days....

- MegaUpload.com (Down) (TakeDown)

- EnterUpload.com (Down) (Redirect)

- FileServe.com (Closed affiliate program)

- FileSonic.com (As good as dead) (You can no longer download files unless you own them)

- Uploaded.to (Blocked U.S. Visitors)

- VideoZer.com (Closed affiliate program)

- VideoBB.com (Closed affiliate program)

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Filehosters are the biggest scam ever. The only one that always worked reliably was Rapidshare, all the others gave me horrible speeds and astonishingly long downtimes in return for my money.

Funny enough people would pay for pirated software or movies, Torrent FTW

PS: If you DL the newest Britney Spears LP 2 days before release, it's your fault if the FBI comes knocking on your door. P2P is as unsafe as you want it to be.

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from a legal point of view, you help spreading illegal material when you`re torrenting, but not when you dl it from some 1c-hoster....

but i prefer torrents, too, mainly for their unbeatable pause-resume "feature" :)

slow speed?

you gotta sleep sometime, dont you?^^

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I don't see any difference, my speed at 12 midnigth with a single computer is alwasy below 80kb, no need to pay xD, but unfortunately all the material that i'm interested was on those servers. I only wish that those alternatives were located far far away from usa (with good net speed :D )

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