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Combinator - Skin+Psd (TeamREPT)


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File Name: Combinator - Skin+Psd (TeamREPT)

File Submitter: Tracer

File Submitted: 30 Dec 2011

File Category: uPPP Skins

The "Demo.rar" in here is only the finished Patch, the complete Skin have incl. psd-file 9,9 MB (To big to upload it here)

Download the full package instead here:


Or from ZippyShare...



One Skin \ Countless Design Possibilities

Why Combinator ? Because i build many Themes & Features inside the PSD File, you be able to change the complete Design in 5 Minutes! Take my ready 2 use Themes or just make your own: just select a Theme Layer and klick on a Style in your Photoshop, now you have a new Frame, but you could more, now combinate the Frame with a new look for the Button-Bar and select another Logo for the Window...

How it Works ? Check The Quicktour (Pics) Tutorial :

(Folder: \Customize Skin-Gfx\Combinate+Re-edit Quicktour\)




+ Activate \ Deactivate some Mainwindow FX like "Holes & Screw"

+ Activate \ Deactivate "Logo-Scanlines"

+ Have the Choice of 2 Gloss Styles for the Logo


+ 14 ready to use Themes for the Menue-Frame

+ Easy to make your own Themes with 3 Clicks (See the Tut)


+ 13 ready to use Rept-Logos

+ Easy to add new Logos (See the Tut)


+ 6 ready to use Themes for the Button-Bar.

+ Easy to make your own Theme with 3 Clicks (See the Tut)


+ 8 ready to use Scrollbar-Themes

+ Easy to make your own Theme with 3 Clicks (See the Tut)

Combinate all this together with new Styles, Experimenting with

the Layer FX... and this Patch-Skin never getting old, just update

the Skin with a few clicks!

Click here to download this file

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Thank's Ufo-Pu55y

(by the way, when i read your nick, i have some disturbing, bizzar and ill pictures in my head, something like a great ufo over me and underside the ufo a great metall pussy with diffuse ambient light shined on me, the pussy say's with a hypnotic tempo-delay voice of 80 BPM "welcome & please come in" woot.gif )

just kidding ;) - seriously,

Maybe the light (not this sexy diffuse ambient thing...) come some time!

sorry 4 my **** english - cheers,


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